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Meet The Artist
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Friday, January 4, 2013

What a Girl Needs...

What does a girl need after a January day of work?

Why, first and foremost, she needs to change into her warmest and comfiest clothing...

Which include a pair of furry "house boots". I love my booties.

Next, a fresh pot of coffee.

Then, a few minutes of SILENCE while the coffee is brewing.

It's a ritual for me, and never changes. Only throughout the warmer months, I change into shorts.

Usually, I already have a plan for supper, and my husband-to-be is quite easy to please. Often, we have leftovers on week nights or something that will not keep me in the kitchen most of the evening. Last night I prepared HIS and HERS dishes... Which means that I wanted something different than what I was feeding him! In a recent post I mentioned a new interest.... Sushi. I often eat sushi in restaurants and throughout our travels I have tried some amazing sushi bars. I have observed the entire sushi making process..... Thinking to myself, "I want to do this". Recently, I decided to just DO IT! After some Internet research, a list of the necessary ingredients and a trip to World Market, I was ready to dive in. Last night, this girl needed her sushi fix!

It's very easy to make, and I like to try a variety of ingredients. Make sure that you use sushi rice because regular white rice will not work. Sushi rice is sticky!!!

I have been collecting different sauces. My favorites are the Wasabi and the Hoisin sauce. (Pretty dishes are optional)! Giggle, giggle.

So, he was happy... She was happy.

I also felt the need to see some warm colors on a page because it is cold outside. 28 degrees cold yesterday.

It's a journal page left unfinished, but that's okay because what a girl also needed was sleep...

After a January work day.

Happy Friday to all!


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  1. I love Sushi! What a great hobby to take up! I'll be expecting some next visit,lol. Your butterfly girl is adorable. I just love your work! Have an awesome weekend in those cute house boots!