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Meet The Artist
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Chocolate & Chimes...

I am having the most enjoyable Summer!
At last...
I have a comfort zone again, along with a routine. I work outside of the home during the Winter months...
Summer time is dedicated to my art, creativity, and working from home. Yes, I call this place home now.
I'm up at the crack of dawn and work begins soon after the first cup of coffee (and Facebook)! I'm doing more & more commission art so these tasks always take priority over the "Whatever I feel like" projects!
Yesterday I completed my most recent commission piece (chimes, pictured at the end of this post). So, I celebrated today by doing this yummy chocolate cupcake painting! You see, the vanilla cupcake sold a few days ago. Shipped it this morning. Thank you, Gina! I do hope that you will love it! Naturally, I had this burning desire to create another acrylic cupcake to replace the vanilla. AND, this time...
I sculpted a strawberry topper from polymer clay. (Inspired by the chocolate wonder fall that Paul & I indulged in this past weekend, while dining at the Golden Corral)! Oh, so good!

These 4" x 4" cuties are so fun for me! (I think I will need another batch of these gallery wrapped canvases!

When not working from home...
I'm playing. Hanging out with Paul, going to "World's of Fun" on a Friday afternoon and getting a henna tattoo to match his real tattoo! We truly enjoy life together.

Don't you just love the sound of wind chimes?
I find them to be so soothing. After doing this piece, I have also grown even fonder of chimes. They are beautiful. A big THANK YOU to Brian for requesting a chimes painting. It has inspired me to create more chime themed art.
I will now step out to the patio and savor some evening time listening to our chimes!
Until next time...

Friday, June 22, 2012


I was lying in bed Wednesday night. My mind would not rest. (I'm thrilled that my right side of the brain has bounced back and that creative ideas are flooding it)! It's okay that art disrupts my sleep pattern. I embrace it and know that the sooner I fall asleep...
the quicker the next new day will come for me to put my ideas to work!
I did just that yesterday morning. I brewed my special java and began painting the stack of 4" x 4" gallery wrapped canvases that I purchased many months ago... during my "blocked" phase. 
Golden brand acrylics. Mixing my own lovely colors. Happy, happy!
In the back of my mind I did feel a tad bit guilty because I NEEDED to be working on a custom painting instead...
but my client will reap the rewards once I get these fun painting out of my system! 

The idea actually came to me because of my love of trinkets. I especially love the gum ball machine trinkets, and still, at age 46, I stop to put my quarters in after leaving a store. Aaaaaahhhh, the excitement and anticipation as I wait to see which toy the machine has selected just for me! So, as you can imagine, I do have quite a collection of trinkets.
I also have a wooden box that holds stuff. Stuff to use in my art. Things that I find, things that other people discard, such as these wine corks.

And so, my fun little paintings were born. I'm still at it today. They make me smile!
The left side of my brain is now scolding me because I'm running out of time! I still have the commission piece to complete AND, at this time next week, Paul & I set off for another big adventure! We will spend 4 glorious days in a large cabin with my entire family, out on the water!!!!! JOY, JOY, JOY!
Once we say are sad goodbyes, Paul & I will keep on rolling. No plan really, no schedules, no commitments. We do have some IDEAS!
I must close for now. Much to do!
Wishing you a fabulous day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Art Journaling Daily...

I do it nearly daily.
Not for anyone else, but for myself.
It's a way for me to preserve memories and thoughts.
It's my personal playground for experimenting with various art supplies and techniques.
There are NO rules to follow... EVER!
It's my best friend at times, and aids in my growth.
Enjoy the peek inside the pages!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It is what it is, darling...

Hello, readers in Blogland!
Due to the very high winds, along with HOT temperatures here in Eastern Kansas, I am spending more time indoors than out! Although I miss running out to the garden to greet the newborn watermelons and flower blooms...
it's not ALL bad. I paint more!
I bounce around from project to project. I explore through an array of art supplies and mediums. 
I recently came across some of my old "Artist Trading Cards" and the charming little albums in which I stored them in. It brought back fond memories from the year of 2005, when I first discovered these mini pieces of art. I even joined an online group where collectors gathered to create and swap. Oh, the joy of trading ATC's with other artists from all over the world! I watched this craze evolve into something even bigger. A fabulous book was released...
of course, I purchased it. I was selling on ebay and nearly fell over when one of my cards sold for a very unbelievable amount!
Then everyone began calling the cards ACEO's- art card edition original. These are the good cards, so to speak. ORIGINAL.
I have seen the cards framed and displayed in a grouping on a wall. LOVE! I want to do this in my art studio!
Although these small works of art measure only 2.50" x 3.50", some of them are truly amazing, and affordable. A very nice painting (ACEO), can still be found on etsy or ebay for $10.00 to $15.00. At these prices, most CAN afford to do a wall grouping and collect beautiful art that puts a smile on their face!
I will begin listing my ACEO's in my etsy shop once we are settled in at home. You, see, we have many travel plans and events ahead! Oh, how I also LOVE Summer!!!!!!!! 

I have several art pieces that I will be listing in my shop!
I have put much thought into this, and just don't think that it is fair to my buyers to make them have to wait so long for any purchase. I cannot promptly ship if the vagabond is moving! I'm a perfectionist and want to be able to put 100 percent of myself into my art biz and buyers. This is why I do not list much. The timing must also be perfect!

I will have framed art to offer.
My paintbrushes have been very busy!

My girls are dying to get out... just as I have been! *giggles*
Oh, wind. Please, go away.
For now, it is what it is.
I do hope that your corner of the world is NOT so windy!
Happy day to all! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I just completed a painting for a client. She asked me if I would call her because she wanted to share with me, the story...
a very sad story as to why she wanted me to paint for her granddaughter.
With each brushstroke, I thought about this very small child and the trauma in which she suffered. I thought about her room, all decorated in pink with ladybug accents.
I felt as if I knew this child and what an honor it was to be painting...
just for HER. 

Addison is HER name.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Once school was out I thought that I would have more time for the neglected things, such as my blog...
(However, I cannot deny the fact that blogging is no longer high on my priority list).
Of course I love sharing, reading other artists' blogs when I can, and being a part of this whole blogging community...
but I also love so many other things in my life such as working in the garden, reading a good book, cooking, and spending time with Paul. I find that I no longer want to sit in front of a laptop screen! I want to be in the NOW and live joyfully in these other moments & interests.
Yes, I think about shutting down my blog. Closing this chapter...
I have blogged since 2006 (In a Shabby Kind Of Way blog), so I've "been there, done that". I have met wonderful friends/ artists just by blogging. It seems that many of them have also closed their blogging chapters and moved on.
I shall continue to ponder this. 
I have been on the go and keeping busy ever since that final week of school!
May 18th, 19th, & 20th Paul and I went back to our hometown to see my only niece graduate from High School! It was great to be around family again!
Then, on May 25th through Memorial Day...
EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS where we met my dear cousin, Tonya, and her hubby, Garry.
The 4 of us shared a condo, got crazy dirty while riding the beautiful trails...
got wet in crystal clear spring water!
Us gals also spent a glorious day shopping in the historical downtown district! We dined, we laughed...

we loved! (Even with a dirt-covered face)! 

(Paul & Garry).

After our lovely get-away, I settled into an art routine at home.
I have had 2 custom paintings for clients to work on. One completed...shipped!

Of course I DO make time for my art journal and some fun paintings! I just love the bright colors on my silly owls!!!!

There has also been time for shopping for patio lights and a big hammock, decorating the patio, cooking out, shopping for a new car, making gifts, planning our family vacation with my parents, un-boxing more of my belongings, baking fluffy cakes...
laying in the hammock.
Yes. These things are all very high on my priority list!