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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Girls' Day Out...

I stopped by the grocery store today after work and picked up supper...

Straight from the deli. This girl was not cooking tonight! I was on a mission: to do absolutely nothing but play in my art journal, read my current book, and remain warm and cozy beneath a blanket!

I reflected on the weekend and the wonderful time spent with Lisa. I always save space on my pages so that I can write all about these life events after the painting is completed. I like to add the simple details, like what we ordered off of the menu, what we saw throughout the day, which shops were our favorites! This is how I journal. One day... When I'm too old to leave the house... I can dig out all of my old journals and re-live my life!

It was another quick process because I did want to allow myself time to add the journaling... And to read a little before bed.

I shall return again soon! Xo


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