Meet The Artist

Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Colorful Inspiration!

Paul & I have just returned from a glorious vacation! I have so much to share...
and 355 photos! Of course, I cannot post all of the pictures (and you probably don't care to see ALL of them), but once I get a bit settled in and back into my home routine, I will share more about our journey.
It was so nice to spend the first portion of our vacation, with my family! We relaxed by a beautiful lake in Oklahoma and celebrated an early 4th of July! Most importantly, we made wonderful, new memories. 

Paul & I don't like to plan or commit too much when we travel, so the latter part of our vacation was quite mysterious and thrilling! We never knew which city or state we would be sleeping in! We did agree to explore New Orleans...
but that was all that we had actually planned for.  

New Orleans

It's now Monday. 
Paul is back to work.
I began the day finishing the 2 New Orleans inspired paintings (pictured above).
I have a garden to tend to and breads to bake (thank you gifts for the neighbors who cared for our dogs and garden while we were away)!
My thoughts are filled with colorful inspirations...
anxiously waiting to be born!
I'll keep you posted!