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Meet The Artist
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Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Life...

I have not had any art time! This makes me feel a little out of whack! It's been a wonderful weekend, just one that left me with no solitude time for painting. Sigh. It's life and I must try to be a normal person too, right?


We had a guest this weekend. I also had an all day shopping date with my girly friend, Lisa! Oh, what fun it was! We get silly...

We buy hats.

We sip a vente' size Starbuck's latte and share our stories. We try on clothes. I arrived back home at about 8:00 pm... With some cute, new goods and a way cool camera/ iPad messenger bag! Oh, and the hats! Three new hats for me! Giggle, giggle! Thank you, Lisa, for the lovely outing!

Meals with our house guest left me happy and full. Grateful.... That I adore him. (Paul's dad). He left late Sunday afternoon.

Today I had to attend inservice for my work...

But I made several trips outside this morning to capture the beautiful sunrise! Oh, my.... A 12 degree day here left me cold all day long! The pictures were worth the chill!


At last...

I am back home. It's quiet here.... But I was too tired to paint after the go, go weekend!

It's life, and a happy one it is. It's a balanced life with a little bit of everything...

Even a quick, 20 minute painting before supper and bed! I just could not stand not getting out my paints!

Tonight I played with tubes.

Seriously, just 20 minutes. It's all that I have for now, so she's a tad bit sloppy!

Sweet dreams to all!


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