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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

More Spookiness and washi tape...

Hello, friends!

How has your weekend been?

Mine could not be more perfect!

Dabbling in some art journaling here.

More spookiness.


Sleeping in until 7:00 and 8:00 am and having coffee on the patio, with my hubby...

Wrapped up in his flannel jacket because it's a bit brisk outside in the mornings now. Aaaahhhhh, Fall!

Yesterday we did some shopping before attending a wedding reception.

Look what I bought....

Washi tapes...

And glitter tapes!

Won't these tapes look cool in my art journals?

There are so many lovely tapes available. I had a difficult time choosing. I will continue to add to my collection. I plan on using my tapes for other projects and even for gift wrapping! Oh, how fun!

This morning I added the wording onto the page.

It's going to be a relaxed day filled with art, rest, and smoked pork chops.

Life is so good!

Blessings to you!



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Bit Spooky...

Hello out there!

How are you?

All is well with me.

Although I continue to wear sandals to work each day, the air is cooler and the mornings are darker.

Fall is upon us and things get a bit spooky around here this time of year.

I tend to create wacky Halloween items.

Kneading balls of clay and then sculpting them into candy corn shapes. Once they were baked and cooled, I painted each one.

A dozen candy corn necklaces are now scattered on my work table. Fun!

Big, furry insects...

Orange and purple lights.

Candles galore.

Magic potions ( a creation from last Fall).

Ghosts, goblins, pumpkins.

Yes, things get a bit spooky around here this time of year...

And I love it!

Here's to Fall!

Until next time...



Saturday, September 21, 2013

What Am I Doing Lately?

Hello, friends!

How was your week?

Mine went well.

With my job I am able to go back in time. Working in a high school I move from one classroom to another...

Every subject from science to art. I like to get to know my students and I find that one of the best ways to bond with them is by participating in what they are doing.

So, this week I started a yoga class.

The girls seem to be enjoying it. I am certainly feeling the results already!

So, three days a week I carry a yoga mat to work.

In addition to yoga, I also have an art class and an arts & crafts class. What is the difference, you may wonder? A craft is a skill that is taught with repeated steps and/ or specific instructions. Art is introduced with lessons on the color theory, value scale, and techniques, but then it's entirely up to the artist to use his own skills to create art.

At this time, we are weaving baskets in the arts & crafts class.

Yes, I'm weaving right along with my students and loving every minute of it!

At 2:50 pm I shifted to my personal life. Hello, FRIDAY!

After a few errands, it was so nice to be home and in my sloppy sweats! It was a bit chilly outside. A perfect evening evolved- iPod (70's) music and some art journaling. I never grow old of Dr. Hook, Fleetwood Mac, and Elvis.

It thrills me to see Fall and Halloween everywhere!!!

Although I am a true Summer gal...

I do love the colors of Fall, and of course, the treats.

I also enjoy ghost hunting. Really, I do. I have explored many haunted dwellings and have even captured some incredible photos of ..... Something unexplainable! Oh, yes.

I'm so glad that my hubby is also an adventurous spirit. We plan to go hunting again very soon.

Please, tell me about your Fall traditions! I'd really love to hear.

Until next time...



Saturday, September 14, 2013

Behind The Mask...


Happy, happy weekend!!!

I'm enjoying a cup of evening java, out on the patio. Cooler air. Feels like Fall here!

I'm finally feeling content and relaxed after a very busy and stressful work week.

Seriously. Words can't even describe.

On Thursday and Friday I had "Mandt training", mandatory with my job. We must be certified.

Day one really wasn't too agonizing and I passed each test effortlessly.

Day two was pure torture. I felt as if I was in boot camp!

I came home a zombie.

A Friday night...

And I really just wanted to crawl into bed a burrow beneath the blankets.

Even my face felt tired. I decided it was time for some pampering. A mint-lemon clay mask!


I then made the coffee and went into my serenity room.

The room with all of the cheery art supplies, begging to be played with.

I needed to journal.

I began bouncing back, but by then, it was getting late so I went on to bed. I completed the journal entry this afternoon after a trip to a flea market with my best pal, hubby.

September has already been a challenging month, but not in a bad way. I really can't share much at this time, but I will tell you that I have stepped out of my comfort zones and have made great efforts to gain some things that would richly enhance my already blessed life. I have worked hard and have stayed up late a few nights to complete tasks. I can now only sit back and hope that my commitment and efforts will pay off! (Another reason why I have not found the time to blog)!

The girl behind the mask has been crazy, crazy busy!

Crossed fingers!

Happy weekend to you!

Until next time...


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Catch Up!

Hello, friends!

Oooooh, I couldn't be any happier! The weekend is here at last and I'm indulging in all of my favorite things!

My art room is a bright, cheery place to be...

Even when it's a bit messy.

I did some catch up work in my art journal.

Weekends are for catching up indeed. Laundry, grocery shopping, rest. I've done all today!

Now it's evening and time for a big bowl of seasoned popcorn and some tv!

Happy weekend to you!



Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend & Picking!

Hello, friends!


I hope that your Labor Day weekend has been relaxing!

The hubby and I are now home after a trip to Iowa. If you are into collecting antiques, you may consider heading that way. We drove...

And stumbled upon many barn sales and antique malls along the way.

Our first stop was here. The sign on the highway read, "Barn Gypsies sale", with an arrow pointing towards a dirt road. We followed. It led us to a house on some land... Surrounded by barns and several vendors, displaying their treasures. Oh, what fun!

Once we enter Le Claire, Iowa, we already knew that we would be visiting "Antique Archaeology", the American Picker's shop.

We enjoy watching the tv show, so I just had to purchase a tank top with their logo on it!

We spent the remainder of our time in Iowa, exploring.

I love playing "Miss Photographer"!

It's been a lovely three day weekend!

I will see you again real soon!