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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Blues To Positive...

I'm trying to focus on the positive things about Winter!

Another snow day... And again tomorrow. Keep in mind, I also had two snow days last week! I have not used my time wisely... For art, I mean. So, after preparing chicken noodle soup for the crockpot, and baking cornbread muffins, I did some art journaling. I feel terribly "blocked". My normal routine is off and I really don't feel all that creative. I am so glad that I also have a passion for photography. Even when I'm simply "not feeling it"... It's effortless for me to pick up my camera and shoot interesting pictures. With that being said, the first positive statement that I can say about Winter is...

It's absolutely breathtaking and beautiful when the snow is falling!

This morning I went out and captured these gusty moments! This is the biggest snowfall that Kansas has experienced in years! I took these pics with my iphone4s. I'm just not ready to expose my new camera to these weather conditions!

More great things about Winter-

It is a cozy time. I love being in my sweats and thick socks, sipping hot beverages. I nap rather soundly. It's so peaceful here.

Peace to you all too!

I enjoy the warm meals that we seem to pine for during cold, Winter months.

Because I was at home today, I got to have lunch with Paul today! It was so yummy!

I've had fun hanging out on Facebook more during these snowy days! Oh... And watching tv! I also nibbled on some chocolate this afternoon!

Winter. I'm liking it more today. Really, I am!

I type this from the bedroom, where we have very large windows, and I have the curtains open. It's snowing again! Oh my!!!!!

Huge, fluffy flakes! It's a perfect scene.

Blessings to all and please, do stay warm!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oh, This Crazy Weather!

I have been home since Thursday, and must admit,... I am ready to return back to work tomorrow! (Hopefully). They say that another big snow storm is heading our way tomorrow afternoon. Oh my. Although it is very beautiful, and a perfect setting for picture-taking... I'm now getting "cabin fever".

Do you see the tire tracks in the yard? My fella has a Polaris RZR. The cold does not stop him from going outside to play! I had to get out before he did and also snap some "clean" pics before he ripped up the lovely snow blanket! Oh, just look at those sparkles!!!

It reminds me of sugar!

So soft and fluffy!

We have done a lot of snacking during this blizzard! Yesterday we did get out to do some BIG grocery shopping in the city. I bought some special cheese. It's so yummy!

It's very much like Feta cheese.... With cranberries. I love trying new foods, don't you?

I hope that I can fit into my jeans tomorrow! Giggle, giggle. I don't get much exercise during the Winter months. It's frustrating, but I just allow myself to eat through the cold season! (Pamper myself)!

I've watched lots of television these past few days. That's been fun... Since I rarely watch tv.

Paul and I both watch those true crime shows... And get spooked! Last night we had a full moon in the night sky. It was a bit eery...

But did make for a nice picture.

It's been so serene here, out in the country. I will ease into the noisy work mode tomorrow!

I could very well be back home...

Inside for a few more days soon.

Oh, this crazy weather!

Until next time...


Friday, February 22, 2013

All of This White...

Guess who has been inside for the past two days... In her loungewear... sipping java with macchiato creamer and being creative?

It's been pure bliss!

Thursday morning the big, fluffy white flakes began to fall. As predicted, this continued throughout the entire day! I must confess, I spent that day resting and catching up on house chores. Today I spent some time updating my art journal. (I never did finish my Valentine's Day entry)!

I sketch with Micron archival pens. I prefer the smallest tip- 01. This ink does not bleed when wet. I have tried other brands, but always end up returning to my Microns!

I am totally in love with my MaimeriBlu watercolors... And Paul! He smiles as he picks up my art journal and sees this Valentine entry.

We played today...

Out in the deep snow!

Even the dogs joined in! This is Mindy Lou.

I think that we got a total of 12 inches of snow here. Our pond has a pretty sheet of ice on it. I plan on photographing it more tomorrow.

It really is a pretty sight... All of the white. I put on my boots and dashed out the back door to capture the sun setting.

We are now back inside, quite cozy and warm.

Having night coffee.

Winter Blessings!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A rumor...

There's a rumor going around in my neck of the woods. Everyone is talking about it. They say that we are going to have a severe snow storm here. The Wintery mix is supposedly arriving very late, tomorrow night... and the other part of that rumor is that school may be canceled for Thursday... Possibly even on Friday. I try not to allow myself to get too excited about a snow day... Oh, but it's so hard not to secretly wish for it to happen! How nice it would be to sleep in a little, all wrapped up in these wonderful micro fleece sheets! It's just a bonus day off when this happens... and that creative mind really kicks in. Big snow... (So they say). What could possibly be better than some pajama painting, java sipping, movie watching, picture taking... and chocolate eating on a weekday?!!!!!


I happen to have a chocolate stash. Shhhhhhh. Giggle giggle.

The snow is so beautiful out here, in the country. We had a bit of snow just a week ago and I captured a few pretty photos.


If this rumor is true, we will not be able to get out for anything, so we may go do some shopping tomorrow after work. There's something thrilling about being "stuck inside". I can hardly contain my excitement...

But I must.

For now...

it is only a rumor.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day...

Valentine's Day. Oh, how I dreaded it... Every year... For many years. Seriously, it just never was a great event for me. I observed friends and co-workers being lavished with love, roses, and chocolate, discussing their plans for Valentine's eve with great excitement. Just another reminder to me that I was unvalued in my "situation", and would be spending Valentine's Day alone. Even during good times in my relationships, it never happened. Valentine's Day was sabotaged by unexpected chaos. Initially, I accepted the first few Valentine's Day disappointments, telling myself that the next one would be better... But let's face it. After 10 bad February 14ths in a row... Well, lets just say that I became wise and realistic. This day was simply not a day for ME to celebrate, in fact, prior to Paul, I feared the last few V-days and prepared for them as if they were a severe storm moving in my direction. I would go do some shopping ( for myself, of course), the day before. A frozen pizza, a few horror movie rentals... and maybe even a little chocolate. Once my workday was done on Valentine's Day, I would scurry home, put on my jammies, and shut myself into my safe, cozy bedroom for the night with all of my goods...

and ride the storm out!

Those days are behind me now.

Yesterday I came home from work to a dozen of beautiful roses in a vase, balloons, candy, and the sweetest card that read, " I will love you always and forever... Paul".

He truly is amazing and I feel so blessed to have him in my life!

My heart goes out to all of those, who do struggle with Valentine's Day because not everyone does have the experience of being appreciated and pampered this one day out of the year, yet cannot avoid it. I do hope that those people WILL do as I did...

and take care of themselves with a special treat and some love. It will pass. For some it will take years.


Don't these little guys just make you smile? Sugar bears! Oh, how cute! Too cute to eat really... but I gobbled them up!

It was a quiet evening at home. We like that during the work week. No extra events. We even had dinner at home- enchiladas.

Sending some love your way!



Monday, February 11, 2013


I am always inspired by events, celebrations... and cake! As I prepared for Paul's Birthday I found myself painting pretty pastries and mixing paints to create the perfect "chocolate frosting" color. I am always captivated by the fluffy, swirly icing... the texture and the perfect peaks!

I started this 5"x7" watercolor card last night while eating leftover cake! (Another great thing about Birthdays is leftover cake and ice cream)!
This chocolate cake is from a journal entry last week.
And more art journaling.

Because I journal and paint nearly daily, I do not wish to be confined to my art room. I prefer portability. I move from room to room, and during Summer months, I prefer to be outdoors.

This works for me-

Isn't it great?

It will even hold my iPad and iPhone!

It was back to work today. I was ready to get back into routine again. I seem to get more done when I am working. Strange, but true. After work, I did two loads of laundry, painted, made a hair appointment for Friday, ate supper, blogged! I'm not always creative and energetic when working, but I do believe that during time off I just prefer to pamper myself with rest. I give myself permission to do absolutely nothing on days off. Once in work mode... I work, I create, I cook, clean, and juggle! Of course, I am now wearing down. Time to read for awhile before bed. Oh, and I might just enjoy a piece of cake with some hot tea.

Sweet dreams to all!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Birthday Week!

I've had five glorious days off from work! Leading up to this break, I entertained thoughts of painting and blogging daily... It would be perfect, right? No watching a clock... Allowing my creativity to flow, flow, flow!

Once I finished work on Tuesday and got settled in at home... New, more appealing thoughts entered my mind. I wanted to put on my best loungewear, rest, read, sip coffee, and hang out with my very best pal, Paul! Oh, I have painted and journaled throughout the five days, but for the most part, I hung out with him! After all, it was Birthday week!

We dined out a few times, we shopped some lovely malls, we watched a movie, we slept in, we have sipped much coffee...

And we've enjoyed eating cake!

My fella turned 46 on Friday! Oh, we have such wonderful parties... Just the two of us!

I will paint another day. Some things are just more important! I've yet to complete this painting.

Until next time!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winter Things, Including Paint...

Well, January is behind us now. Hello, February... and hope. (Hope to soon see brighter skies and warmer temperatures. Hope that March gets here quickly, along with Spring break... and yellow-green leaves)? We just never know here in Kansas, but I must confess... I do love the different seasons. Each one comes with its own gifts and colors. I appreciate certain characteristics from each.

Winter is all about cozy and pampering. I have a Winter routine... Far different than my Summer routine. I want to be inside and I feel no guilt in sitting in bed with a cup of hot tea or coffee, piles of pillows, ( including a blue, fuzzy dolphin Pillow Pet)... painting and reading. Last week I even did some shopping online. I decided that it was time I upgrade to a finer watercolor set. I prefer pans over tubes, and for some reason I was set on getting a metal box since my previous sets were all the plastic field boxes. As I always do, I spent days reading about the different brands. I was really drawn to "Maimeri", besides, I also prefer Italian made ( over the other choices in watercolor sets). Makes sense for a girl who's favorite foods are Italian, favorite designer is Italian, and so on. I went to Dick Blick and clicked the ADD TO CART button... Also added some Arches watercolor paper. Took a few deep breaths and checked out!

Today I can tell you that I wish that I would have made this purchase years ago. Although I haven't had much time to paint, I have tried all of the colors, painted a few small greeting cards. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful colors and such smooth appearance. I am now a "Maimeri girl", for life.

I started this painting early this morning...

Because I got the palette with 48 colors, I haven't yet mixed any of the colors. I want to become better acquainted with the individuals colors first! I think that the colors look very Tuscany! Hee hee. Very rich. Lots of reds, yellows, oranges, and earthy! I will be enjoying every minute of this weekend...

Even when I'm doing other Wintery things that I so love, such as making soup in the kitchen. Today's menu:

Mushroom and wild rice.


It's not very colorful, but it sure was delicious!

Winter doesn't have to be gloomy. Even the sun is peeking through the windows and I have still been snapping pictures of the lovely skies, day and night!

Stay cozy and warm!