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Monday, January 7, 2013

We Love Holidays!

Why is it that the weekends seem to end so quickly? I wore my pouty face last night because I knew that I had to get to bed. Back to work. But I had more painting to do... and another fabulous book to read, by author, Mary Kay Andrews. (My fourth)! If I knew how to use the link function in this new blogging app, I would link you to her website... (Another task that I could have completed last night: learn to link, if only I could have stayed up late)! Just type her name into your browser and enjoy! I love her style!

It was, however, a wonderful weekend, as always. For a gal who has never looked forward to Valentine's Day...

Well, let's just say that the holiday of love may not be so dreadful after all, in fact, this year I am actually participating in all of the hoopla!

I'm painting little love notes.

My sweetie surprised me with all sorts of Valentine decorations.... glittery hearts in pink and red. Big ones, little ones... "Baby, look what I got for you", he said!

Hmmm. My eyes widened and my mind began wandering. Oh, what would I do with all of these lovely sparkling hearts?

Uh oh, I thought. I did have a bit of a problem, you see. I refuse to take down the Christmas tree. I like seeing the lights glow every morning and night. I'm just not ready to say goodbye to our tree, but how then, can I decorate for two holidays at the same time?


We do have a smaller tree. So, I removed all of the Christmas ornaments from the small, woodland tree that stands in the dining room...

And gave it a new look!

We now have a Valentine tree... (With a congrats card from Laura.... Thank you, my friend over at "where the gold bees dream" blog)!

And, a Christmas tree!

Maybe it's not "proper" to have both, but we don't care. Truly, there are no rules in this home! My sweetheart and I are both free spirits! Perfect together.

We love holidays!!!!


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