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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013



How are you celebrating this brand new year?

I am still swooshing paint colors from one project to another... Having a super dooper time! I am even working on some Valentine things, but it's just too soon to reveal. I am also re-posting THESE pictures from a December 31st blog post. You see, I am now blogging from the iPad that Paul gifted me for Christmas. I have tried 2 different apps for blogging and have finally settled on one that seems to have more features. I love everything small and portable, so it suits me best to blog and do all of my photo uploading and even editing, from the iPad. Well, it also involves learning all over again, and sometimes blog posts accidentally get deleted! Ooopsy.

I played with acrylics on that day. It has been awhile since I've painted with acrylics and they are so different than watercolors.

I call this piece, "Celebrate". (4" x 4" gallery wrapped canvas).


The first day of a new year!

I woke to a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground.

I've been sipping hot coffee with Cinnabon creamer. Oh, so yummy!

I made Sushi for my first 2013 lunch. ( I recently took up this new Sushi-making hobby)! I even bought a bright red set of Sushi dishes!

I took a nap.

Ate some chocolate!

I have painted.

This first day of 2013 has been a perfect one!




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