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Meet The Artist
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Something to roost about!

Seriously? It's a Saturday morning and after a very long, tiring work week, I was really looking forward to sleeping in a little. Well, my body clock was wide awake at 4:00 AM! I tried to fall back asleep but had no luck so I got out of bed and brewed the java. That's when I heard, "cocka-doodle-doo".... Over and over again. Country living comes with such sounds!

So, with my first cup of coffee, I began sketching.

Then painting with my watercolors. It was a lovely morning!

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Until we do,

Enjoy your Saturday!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Simple Life...

Today was just another day. I haven't much to blog about...

But that's okay, right? I live a pretty simple life these days, in a simple, little town. I always wished exactly this for myself. It suits me and my personality.

It was another work day. I get to go out with some students for "on the job training". As my student walked down the sidewalk of our simple downtown I noticed that the trees have bloomed and snapped a few photos! It's a cute downtown, with an old time feel to it. Very quaint. Very friendly.

As I drove home from work I noticed that the grass has at last turned to green...

And baby calves are roaming the open fields! My country drive home is simply lovely! Lots of rolling hills here.

Once supper is cooked and served, I usually go to a quiet place and work in my art journal or read.

Thought I would share some bits and pieces. Very simple pages.

I hear a Spring rain outside! Once the temperatures rise, I will spend the evenings outside on the patio or nurturing our garden. I can't wait!!!!! My sweet fella has already tilled our garden space and planted radishes, asparagus, and onions. We will continue to add once we know that we are safe from freezing temperatures. Would you believe that we are expecting a dusting of snow tomorrow? Yes. It's true! I love Kansas!

I also love this simple life...

In the country...

With him!

How about you?

Are you living the life that you wished for yourself?

I hope so!!!!

Until next time...


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ticket Tutorial!

Hello out there!

Shame on me for not being more consistent with my blogging, but I do have good reason. The day job, of course... Along with planning and shopping for a June wedding! We are also leaving for a Florida family vacation very soon and I have "needed" new sandals, tops, and shorts! (Giggle, giggle).

How about a fun tutorial?

Aren't these tickets just adorable?!!!!!

I love filling my art journals with things like this, but think of all the possibilities! How cute these tickets would be on greeting cards, book marks, packages... Or for giveaways at bridal and baby showers (just number each ticket)! Ooooooooh my brain is packed with ideas for using tickets, tickets, tickets!

Ok. Let us get started!

I do not own a ticket die cut or template. I make my tickets quickly... And manually!

Step one:

Cut paper in 1 inch wide strips. Any paper will do! I chose to use watercolor paper today. I had given the paper a watercolor wash a few days ago, providing some soft color.

Step 2:

Pierce the strips with a paper piercing tool, every 2 inches. If you do not have a scoring board, just draw some lines onto your strips, using a pencil. Pierce with a protective mat beneath your paper.

Step 3:

Using a paper punch, begin punching half holes down your paper strip, top and bottom.

Step 4:

Get creative with your tickets!!!!!

Stamp them, sketch on them, paint, collage, dye on them!

I drew tiny birds on this ticket strip, then added color with watercolor pencils. Oh! I always use a fine tip, black 01 Micron pen for wet media with small detail work.

I do hope that you have a blast with this tutorial and guess what?

Throughout the Summer months I will be providing you with more tutorials! Yes, indeed!

School will soon be out and I'm so very excited to dive into my creative world for the Summer!

Thank you for stopping by! You never need a ticket enter here!!!!!