Meet The Artist

Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Monday, April 30, 2012


So many events and celebrations!
In addition to 2 weddings, I am also working on gifts & greeting cards for Mother's Day and my only niece's graduation! Oh, I am so very excited to be returning back to my hometown and spending a few days with my family in May!

Dena is a childhood friend who just married Brad on Friday! Brad is a high school classmate. I wish you both a life time of happiness! The card is in the mail!

I really enjoy making greeting cards. There's just something so wonderful about these smaller projects...that mean so much! I find myself thinking about the recipient  throughout the entire process.

The Mother's Day card was inspired by the beautiful Sunflower arrangement that Paul surprised me with Friday night when I returned home from work! Because he was leaving for a weekend of hobbies & fun...
He wanted me to have some cheery things beside me while I plunged into a quiet world of CREATIVITY! He also bought me a bag of some really good coffee!

Paul is safely home. I'm back to my weekly routine of waking early, showering... waiting to see if I get a call to substitute... or not. If not... 
it's an art day usually!
Wishing everyone out there a perfect day!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm still here...

I think about my blog... Untouched. Something that I once looked forward to every day. For me, my blog was a form a journaling and it always felt uplifting to share new art and thoughts. I still thrive on all of that, but as we grow...
Move forward, our priorities also change.
I have moved so much in my adult life, it's been a challenge for me to stay consistent. ( this is how the name of my Vagabond blog came about)! Always moving and living out of suitcases. Never knowing where HOME is.
Through all transitions, the one thing that I do know for certain is that I am an artist who is always true to herself. Although I'm not blogging about my daily accomplishments, I am working on new artistic goals and being an artist every day! I am living a wonderfully, creative life and branching out into new directions! In fact, life has never been more perfect!
I'm feeling more "grounded" these days. At THIS moment, my suitcases and boxes are pretty much unpacked and I have no desire to roam! There's just no place like HOME.... And I hope that I have finally found that permanent place to call my home.
Starting a new life altogether is not easy. I must applaud myself. After divorce at age 45, I was devastated and confused, but I have learned so much about flexibility and embracing change. Along with change.... Comes a new and better YOU.
I have been in my new town for about 7 months now. (this town anyway). I am working, although still patiently waiting full time employment with a wonderful school! Until then, I have decided that I can and will be a "substitute"! I will take Summers off to teach art classes and create! I will enjoy my garden and look forward to the big family vacation in June! It is what it is.... And I can honestly say, it's ALL good!
I am also going to blog more during the Summer months. I am also trying, for the very first time,... Blogging from my iPhone. You see, out here in Mayberry, we do not have Internet so to speak. We do have an air card that allows me only 5 gigabytes per month- another reason why I do not blog much. Once again, it's okay! I'm simply learning new ways to carry out my passion!
For now, I continue to experiment with blogging apps via iPhone. I am having some difficulties with photos and welcome any tips!!!! How can I get crisp, clear, large photos uploaded using only an iPhone app?!!!!!
Until next time,

Here are my latest ART JOURNAL entries! I will share more (with oh, so fancy wording).... at another time SOON!

Enjoy the journey!