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Meet The Artist
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Looking Forward...

Hellllllooooooooo, out there, and happy weekend!!!!
We all love the weekends, don't we? Mine is super special because it began early! Yes, I had today off! It was so very nice to sleep in until 5:00 am! Giggle, giggle.
I was so excited once I got home from work yesterday, just knowing that I had THREE full days to play. I immediately set up my work space with a large piece of watercolor paper, and lightly sketched out the idea... Circus. I knew that I wanted one of my little gals, enjoying her time eating fluffy, pink cotton candy, at the circus, near a big top tent!
Soon after the pencil work, I started painting, background first. I also added some flesh tones to my little girly.... And then told her "goodnight"! It had been a long day, I was wearing down...
Besides, I had all day Friday, right?!!!!!
And I DID complete the painting today! Yay!!!
I photographed her with a bright, red matt, just to give you an idea as to how she will somewhat look in a frame. Even a green matt would look lovely.
I'm anxious to start on another large painting (when I say large, it means that I am painting on 11" x 14" or 9" x 12" watercolor paper)..... Which is larger than most of my work.
The process reminded me of a puzzle. You know, it takes time and patience, yet it is great fun. You leave it out on the table and look forward to returning, where you left off. You want to complete it.... But then again, know than once it is done, you must find a new puzzle/ project to work on. I think that we always want something to look forward to! At least I know that I do!
Oh, yes... Another thing that I have been looking forward to, and saving my money for, is a new camera that best suits the active, yet creative lifestyle that both Paul & I share. I decided that the standard DSLR camera and additional lenses was just too much weight and bulk for me to lug around on our adventures! After much online searching and reading, it was a no brainer for me. First, I have always been a Sony fan! Every Sony point and shoot camera that I have owned, has been wonderful, so when the Sony NEX cameras were introduced, that sparked my interest. I waited... And pondered. I'm glad that I took so long to make my final decision because tonight when I went into the store to part with my money, I left with a Sony NEX 5 rk and an extra 55-210 lens... With no doubts whatsoever! As the camera battery charges, I'm even changing into a very small and comfortable camera backpack! Oh, how nice this will be... Traveling extremely light!
Pictures to come!
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

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