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Meet The Artist
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Time & Work...

Today is the last day of my Winter vacation. I must say, it has been a perfect holiday and break from routine! I'm ready to return back to work, feeling very refreshed and fulfilled. I am one who needs balance in my life, and work enhances that.

TIME is always an issue with creative people, and yes, there is less time for art when working a day job. We just have to find new ways to live creatively... Every day. I find that working on smaller pieces during the evening hours, satisfies. I tend to do more art journaling on weekdays. Not only is it art time...

Keeping an art journal is a great way to relieve any stress and unwind from a busy day. Most of my art journaling IS in a "diary form"- (real life, day to day events), so my most genuine feelings seem to be eager to spill out onto the journal pages!

Because one full week of my vacation was spent traveling, I slacked off on my journaling. I was enjoying other creative passions, such as photography, gathering keepsakes (pinecones & pretty rocks from Colorado), and shopping for new art supplies! I'm now documenting some special moments of Christmas in my art journal... Getting ready to return to work mode!


I find inspiration everywhere I am, even at work. Two days out of the week I work in an art class!!!!! LOVE doing High School art all over again!!!! We will begin pottery this semester. I was also asked to work one day out of the week in the art club, after school program. This has been enjoyable.

Ok. I must get this day into full swing! TIME...... I need every hour today!

Enjoy yours!


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