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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Every Day?

Brrrrrr! It's rather chilly here in Kansas! Like hat, mittens, scarf, AND coat weather. (Oh, how I wish now that I would have purchased some of these way cute vintage hats from this unique boutique in Colorado to add to my collection)!


What a fun day that was! Even Paul and his dad joined in on the fashion show. Yes, indeed, we put on silly hats, funky hats, cool hats, furry hats... I did a few twirls, awaiting their approval or applause. It mostly led to laughter, of course.

I've been going through our Christmas trip photos, grinning. Reflecting. I wonder... Why can't we live each and every day as if it were Christmas? You know- feeling excited, joyful, eager to give to others? Everything seems so magical. As I type this blog entry, I realize that I DO live each and every day as if it were Christmas... For the most part, and it makes for a much happier life for sure. I wake up most mornings, so anxious to begin the day, at 3:00 or 4:00 am! Now, I must admit, I'm not quite as happy when it is a work day, but still, I make the most of it. I smile, I try to find the good in all situations, and I do live a very creative, colorful life. February.... Well, it does take more effort. By then, I am tired of grey skies, cold weather, and burnout at work always sets in around that time. Been there, done that..... Which is one of the reasons why I enjoy being a school employee. Another break from work is near once we get through those Winter blues!

I think that I will leave our Christmas tree and decorations up through January! Why not? We have no rules in our house. On those early mornings, I love sipping coffee by the tree. The only light on at 4:00 am are those from the tree. It's so quiet out here in the country. Peaceful. Beautiful. I am savoring this time at home and am so inspired to create. I do just that.

I started with a very large piece of watercolor paper. I had no vision. I just knew that I needed to feel a paintbrush in my hand and I wanted to see purple! Once the watercolors had dried, I felt the urge to simply doodle with a gold gel pen. Stars! Sky!!!!! I think as I work. I think about things that I need to do ( really NOT a good idea while in creative mode), .... But, it happens. I needed to get Thank You notes out to those who gifted us at Christmastime. Ahhhhhhh haaaaaaaaa moment! Oh yes,... I can use this piece of art as a background for cards! (A perfect reason to carry on in my own little world, right)?

Once I filled the paper with tiny gold stars, I cut into card front size... Added the snowmen with oil pastels, painted details with acrylic paints, added sparkle, sparkle, sparkle! Remember, it's the season of SPARKLE!

After all card fronts had dried and I had mounted the stamped "thank You" pieces... I attached them to the green, folded cardstock. Waaaaa laaaaaaa! That task is now done! Ooooops. I do need to write in them and get them in the mail.

More projects await. The work tables in my art studio are covered with stacks of stuff!!!!! I also have stories to tell you, but it must wait. I will be back... Right here, again very soon!

Merry Christmas...

Every day!



Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Season of Sparkle...

All of the Christmas cards had been sent, the holiday shopping completed, suitcases packed. It was December 21st.... Time to start CHRISTMAS (with a 5.50 hour drive ahead of us), with family, in "Hometown", Kansas.


I am truly a Kansas girl! I smile when I see the rickety ol' Christmas decorations STILL making their annual appearance for the small town folk and visitors to enjoy. (Some, looking as if it may be their last holiday season)! I look at everything when we travel. I think. Mostly about life, and how interesting it really is. The changes that I have encountered.... The risks in which I have taken..... The many moves ( which is how this blog got the name, "Vagabond"). At the time I did not understand the reason for my pain and my challenges, but looking at my life in the present, I am so grateful to have been given those obstacles. Really.

Just me and my best pal, Paul. Another adventure...

Another Christmas, and, although for only one night... New memories to be made with my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and my precious niece and nephew.

It was glorious! Lots of laughter and good food! The evening went by too quickly. The next morning we said our goodbyes and then it was off to share some Christmas with Paul's mother, also in "Hometown". After a breakfast consisting of biscuits and gravy... And a little shopping...

We were back on the road. Destination: Colorado to visit Paul's dad... And to stay in his "Christmas cabin" in the woods.

It was quite cold by night and there was a blanket of snow up in the mountains. It was beautiful...

And once inside of the cabin, Paul brewed a pot of coffee and got a fire started in the stone fireplace. I was busy bolting from room to room, snapping pictures!

I then sat down on the sofa. Exhausted from the traveling, yet excited to be here...

In such a pretty place, with such a great guy, (and with a perfect cup of java). I was eager to upload the new photos onto my new iPad...

When suddenly, Paul was kneeling down, on one knee, in front of me...

And something very magical took place, right here, by the fire.


He said to me, "Missy, will you make me the happiest man in the world"? He had in his hand, this open box...

Inside of it was this! Sparkle...sparkle. Squeal, hug, giggle! Thinking back on that moment, I don't recall even saying, "yes".... But oh, YES!!!! Paul is perfect for me and I couldn't be happier! I will marry my best friend! The man who flew out to the East Coast in a hurricane to help get me back to Kansas.... The man who offered his home to me when I needed one, the man who fixed my broken heart and even made it better than the old heart! Giggle, giggle. Paul is the man who has brought laughter back into my life... Every day is a play date together as we share many same interests and seek new discoveries. Well, I would be a fool to not say YES! I truly am living again, and it is a wonderful life with my Paul.

As we do most everything...

We aren't wasting every precious moment planning for the big event, or consuming our thoughts with heavy details. We live in the moment. We may marry on another road trip, or in a chapel.... By a fake Elvis... ( NOT). It may happen next week.... Or next year. None of that seems important right now. I'm exactly where I want to be and with whom I want to share life with. At age 47, I am as giddy as a gal can be!

We had a lovely time at the Christmas cabin and Paul's dad joined us there the following day. We saw several sights and Christmas spirit in shop windows, on the streets, in the air.

We were back on the highway on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. A first for me. Travel... On Christmas Day? I would not have even considered doing such a thing on my own, but paul runs his own business and had to get back. I must tell you, it was a very meaningful Christmas Day. That is another story for another time. Just know that I felt more Christmas in my heart than I have in many years. If we open our minds and our eyes to circumstances, and to new people and places... We receive the greatest gifts.

More to come!

I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vanilla & Sugar...

So many holiday events and oh, so many sweet treats! Don't you just love this time of year? I cannot take credit for the adorable cookies.... ( Although I do plan on making cookies and candies next Christmas ), this batch was created by a co-worker. Yes, we had our classroom party today!

I enjoy the scents of the season. Peppermint canes, hot cocoa, cinnamon, gingerbread, and pine trees. Even a new fragrance for my body helps with the holiday spirit, indeed! So, last month I shopped for my new smell..... Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, vanilla (and warm sugar, of course). LOVE!

The sparkles in the "Shimmer & Shea" make me feel extra festive! What are your favorite scents of the season? Please, tell me... Tell me!!!!!

I go to bed at night after a crazy busy day...

And I still smell the soft vanilla notes on my pillow. I lay there and breathe it all in...



Sunday, December 16, 2012

December updates...

There is magic in the air... Along with fog and mist. Ooooohhhh, it's oh so chilly. Just another excuse to stay inside and play!
I am all about the pretty tea cups and hot dessert teas on December days. Often, I will sit in the big, plush bed and paint in my art journal as I sip. I can't believe that this will be my second Christmas here, in Paul's world... Now my world as well. Where does the time go?
I have, at last, created a life here... Complete with a full time job in education again and Summer months free! I'm making new friends and even discovering some new hobbies along the way. Just as we used to do in my former school, we are having a little Christmas celebration on Wednesday. We will each bring a snack and our tiny gifts and cards for one another. I have been busy preparing for this final week of work, before our Winter break!
My Paul and I will be traveling throughout Christmas so we pretended that yesterday was Christmas here! Oh yes, we did! Once we woke up, he said to me, "Why don't we open our presents now"? It was only 5:30 in the morning, but I wasn't about to let that get in my way and excitement! I said, "ok"! We had coffee on our night stands and a mountain of beautifully wrapped presents now piled on our bed! We began taking turns ripping the paper and sharing the joy! I was gifted with the new iPad which is why I am blogging ( from the cozy bed) right now! I want to try the Blogger app. I tried it on my iPhone but just did not enjoy it... Nor did I like the results. So, here it is. My first post using the app and the new iPad. If all goes well... I may get back into blogging!
I hope that you are enjoying your December!
Until next time...