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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Glorious Mess...

Buzzzzzzzzzzz. 4:00 am.

I need coffee. I allow myself one hour to enjoy it and to wake up. Yes, it's worth sacrificing sleep to have that extra time to myself each morning. I've been doing it for years... Can't even imagine not having that hour to mentally prepare for the work day ahead. I read my email, some blogs... And of course, Facebook!

I am out the door at 6:45 am.

Today, I leave behind my glorious mess!


So many unfinished projects and paintings!

Ok. A tiny sneak peek at those Valentine projects won't hurt. There are oodles of them for up & coming shows. Each one of these sweethearts has her own personality..... We just don't see it yet, but you will get to know them all at a later date.

I must get on my way now...

Down this Wintery, country road.

The day will fly by and soon, I'll be right back in the midst of that oh, so lovely MESS!

Until next time...



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  1. Your V-day girlies are so cute! And love that wintery road! Enjoy your day today! xo