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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Appalachian Trail hike...

 On Saturday I was hiking the beautiful "Appalachian Trail", starting at Harper's Ferry.
I took 296 photos, so I can't possibly share all of them, but here are a few and if you love nature and being outdoors, I highly recommend hiking this trail. I have every intention of returning.

 This is a view from the top (Zoom).
I might add that the little town is full of charm! A weekend could easily be spent here.

There is much history here.
This was once a church.
"St. John's Episcopal Church".
I will share more on this place of beauty later.
Enjoy for now!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Discovering me... and hiking

My lifestyle now is very different than what it once was, back in Kansas.
I knew that it would be, and that is why I made the decision to start my new life in a new state, with new surroundings, opportunities, habits....

and new discoveries.
I am amazed at what I continue to discover about myself!
Life after divorce is not easy, in fact, it's terribly painful. You can choose to sink... 
burrow yourself down deep into a pile of blankets and NOT accept, (in which I did do for awhile),
you can swim, as the saying goes.
I'm learning as I go.
Learning many new coping techniques. The first one being a very simple one:
NEVER ever listen to music as you are going through divorce procedures because the songs that are playing throughout those gloomy times will haunt you in the future! Trust me. Every time I hear that song that was playing on the radio as I was packing up my suitcases, still causes an outburst of tears.
Another little lesson:
Stay busy.

Thank goodness I am here.
Busy is my new lifestyle, and surprisingly, I prefer to be busy outdoors. It is so beautiful here and I love to explore!

I have discovered that I love to hike.
It fulfills many of my interests in one, big outing!
I can use my camera as I roam, and capture wonderful shots, I can see inspiration in all of the nature around me.
I breathe in serenity.
I get the much needed exercise.
I feel my spirits lift and the heart no longer feels so heavy.

These pretty pictures were taken recently while walking the Sparks, MD trail.
Now, I'm packing the backpack for this hiking trip:
I'm always looking forward to even more discoveries!
Wishing you all a glorious weekend!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gnome Adventures...

It's nice to be settled and back into some creating!
I will continue to share pictures from my  journeys, but for now, the vagabond has parked.
Perfect timing.
Storms have set in and the rain has poured for the past 2 nights.
I have begun my gnome projects.
I have carried the ideas in my mind for quite some time now. I had even made a few "practice pieces" over a year ago!
Now I am ready to create my gnome line-
greeting cards, prints, and shadow box "Gnome Homes".
I love entering such places... 

where tiny gnomes scamper through flower beds...

and stroll through the woods.

These darling folks even celebrate birthdays with big, fluffy frosted cupcakes!
Yes, I enjoy being here, observing their way of life, in a world all of their own. I anxiously await the surprises and new discoveries from the cluster of trees, just down the hill.
The forest where others fear the unknown, and DO NOT ENTER.
This could be the most thrilling journey yet.
Care to join me?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Peace in Hollywood Cemetary

As I spoke of, in my last blog entry, I have many pictures to share of our East Coast adventure!
I have decided to do a series of blog post, each one featuring a new place or event, along with inspiration!
On this day, the Vagabond was in Richmond, Virginia.
Our event for the day:
Photographing "Hollywood Cemetary".
Here is some history on Hollywood Cemetary, taken from wikipedia:

Hollywood Cemetery is a large, sprawling cemetery located at 412 South Cherry Street in Richmond, Virginia. Characterized by rolling hills and winding paths overlooking the James River, it is the resting place of twoUnited States PresidentsJames Monroe and John Tyler, as well as the onlyConfederate States PresidentJefferson Davis. It is also the resting place of 25 Confederate generals, more than any other cemetery in the country. Included are George Pickett and J.E.B. Stuart.
Hollywood Cemetery was opened in 1849, constructed on land known as "Harvie's Woods" that was once owned by William Byrd II. It was designed in the rural garden style, with its name, "Hollywood," coming from the holly treesdotting the hills of the property.
In 1869, a 90-foot (27 m) high granite pyramid was built as a memorial to the more than 18,000 enlisted men of the Confederate Army buried in the cemetery.
Hollywood Cemetery is one of Richmond's major tourist attractions. There are many local legends surrounding certain tombs and grave sites in the cemetery, including one about a little girl and the black iron statue of a dog standing watch over her grave.[2] Other notable legends rely on ghosts haunting the many mausoleums. One of the most well-known of these is the legend of the Richmond Vampire.
A place rich in history, legend, and gothic landscape, Hollywood Cemetery is also frequented by many of the local students attending Virginia Commonwealth University. 

It may seem strange that we would want to take pictures in a cemetary...
but have you ever gone to a cemetary and really observed the beauty?
The serenity?
If you love history, a cemetary is a wonderful source of inspiration!
As an artist, I was in "Ah". I could have spent the entire day, right here.
This is the most beautiful cemetary that I have ever seen.
If you have the opportunity, you must see for yourself.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Roam and Home

 Hello out there!
The Vagabond has been quiet these days. (The Vagabond blog, that is).
The real Vagabond...
meaning my drifting self (life after divorce)...
has been roaming all over the East Coast, absorbing every ounce of creative inspiration that I stumbled upon along the way. Travel and day trips are a great way to get the creative juices flowing and...does not take up any suitcase space! All that one really needs for this type of art and inspiration is a camera, possibly a notebook or journal for jotting down notes. It helps to have a friend to share the journey with, and on this first part of the adventure, I was blessed to have 2 girly friends to roam Virginia with! Thank you, Laura and Phoebe, for the great time and memories! Please, take a moment to visit their beautiful blogs!
We began in Richmond, Virginia. The train ride to this destination was incredible! So beautiful.
I discovered something new about myself:
I love train travel.
 We walked and walked, snapped pictures. I look for signs daily...
signs that just might tell me what I am supposed to be doing with my life! (This comes naturally right after a divorce and after experiencing so many losses, including the loss of HOME.)
This chalk art seemed to be shouting my name!

This one as well.

I think that the most difficult part of my divorce has been the loss of security. At age 45, it's very scary to be a drifter, not knowing where home will be for my later years of life. Nothing feels safe to me anymore. I feel as if I am a young child who was abandoned and tossed out into the woods with no sense of direction...
not to mention, no health insurance!
Of course I'm scared!
I made the choice to go start a new life far, far away from old memories...
and sadly, the trade off there was also leaving behind my family and friends, and the job in which I so loved. 
Everything in life requires a "trade-off". Everything.

For two nights, while in Ashland, Virginia, this was home. A lovely, Bed & Breakfast called, "The Henry Clay Inn".

It was a very nice home at the end of each creative day!
Hmmmm. Apparently, we were sharing this home with others. (Notice the spot at the lower right hand corner of this photo. Could it be....a spirit? I have another photo taken just seconds apart that shows movement)!!!!
I personally hope that there were ghosts present! It's rather thrilling to me!
I have many photos and experiences to share from the big adventure. I also have so much art to create, along with a new, good book to read!
Everyday is a journey.
I will share more later.
Blessings to all!