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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Blessings!

Oh, isn't it so uplifting to see all of the pretty pastels and budding trees again?
Today I regret not having my camera or even my iPhone with me...
But I was only going to the mailbox when I saw them...
baby ducks swimming in our pond! Yes! Of course I stopped. I watched them for a moment. Smiling. I wondered where they came from and where might momma duck be? I just hope that they will be safe.

We have had heavy rain for two nights. I hear frogs moving into the valley, by the creek behind our house.

As you know, April showers bring May flowers and I believe this because the bulbs that I planted in the Fall are popping up from the earth.

I have played outside on the nice days that we had earlier in the week. On cooler days, I have played indoors. Painting and making my own paper flowers!

Aren't they fun?

Postcards. ACEO's. In between my commission work.

We haven't any plans for Easter but we will see our family very soon!

How about you?

Whatever you do, I wish you a wonderful day and I'm sending watercolor Easter blessings your way!