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Meet The Artist
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Life's Sudden Changes...

Hello, dear readers!

When I typed my last post on January 15th, I was joyfully preparing for the arrival of my family so that we could celebrate Christmas together. I would have never imagined that on the following day, January 16th...

would be my father-in-law's last day on this earth.

Hubby and I had gone into the city to do some grocery shopping. Our carts filled with fruits, desserts, snacks... special treats for our fun-filled family weekend.

It was terribly cold on that evening. We were happy to return back home, change into our loungewear and watch the season premiere of "American Idol"! (Now that the annoying female judge has been replaced, we can become viewers and fans again)!

Hearts content.

Warm coffee.

Warm house.


Interesting how life can change suddenly.

One phone call is all it took. Paul's brother was the one who told him of the terrible tragedy- dad was killed in a traffic accident today.

My heart ached for my husband, the "little brother".

Soon, we were packing our suitcases and assisting with funeral plans, seven hours away from home.

Remembering Jerry Lamb.

These two photos were taken last December. We stayed in dad Jerry's beautiful cabin in Colorado. Paul proposed to me. We are so glad that his dad was present to be a part of not only our engagement, but also our wedding day. We shared some wonderful moments these past few years!


Unpredictable indeed.

Hubby and I are now returning back to our normal routines after long, uplifting family visits. We have been surrounded by the most loving people. New relationships now begin...

all because of Jerry.

He's so happy, I just know so!


I was working on this 10"x10" canvas last week.

My waiting buyers have been so very understanding. A big thanks to all!

This piece has been shipped to its new home.

It felt so good to be back in the studio today...




God bless you all!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mapping 2014 With Jill Berry continued...

Hello, friends!

I must hurry through this blog post, my apologies. Oh, so much to do around here...

With company arriving soon!

As promised, I am sharing what I will now call, my completed map for the fun filled "Mapping 2014 with Jill Berry" challenge!

I would still like to color in my roads with graphite pencil.

I also decided, at the last minute, to leave the entire bottom left side blank. Since the map was created in my own, personal art journal...

I want to write about the experience!

I truly enjoyed being a part of the challenge!

Thanks so much, Jill!

Off to do some laundry now! I'll meet up with everyone, right here...

in a few days!



Monday, January 13, 2014

Mapping 2014 with Jill Berry...

Hello out there!

Happy Monday!

Today is the day to reveal my project for Jill Berry's "Mapping 2014" challenge!

Mine is still a work in progress, but will show more and more throughout the duration of this blog hop.

I chose to create my map on the pages of my Molskine art journal.

Since resigning from my day job in November, my map reflects my hopes in perusing much more with my art. Along with living that creative life, comes our usual traveling to beaches, barn sales, amusement parks, casinos...

and magical places yet to be discovered!

When it's all said and done...

my most favorite place to be...

is HOME.

After all, that is where the art is!

See you again real soon!



Sunday, January 12, 2014

Big Girl Doodling... & SALE!

Hello, far away friends!

Have you yet settled into this new year?

I do believe that I will like 2014 very much! (Feeling positive here)!

I certainly have more creative energy than I have had in quite some time. I find myself jotting down ideas in notebooks that are scattered throughout the house...

thinking to myself, "I'll work on this next"! Sometimes, I'm even wide awake at odd, dark hours. Painting, journaling, sketching even MORE ideas.

This past week...

Word art.

I have always been a a "doodler". Always.

I recall sitting at my high school desks...

doodling words and designs on the desk tops, in pencil. (Not such a good idea).

By the time that the bell would ring for passing period, my entire desktop would be full of art. Art to me, anyway. Some works remained for the next student to enjoy...

while other desktop art got washed away with spray cleaner, with my own hands. Teacher's orders. True story.

Honestly, I never was a great student, however, I excelled in day dreaming...

and art, of course.

I'm thoroughly enjoying word painting right now, and working on some custom pieces for others who also liked the results of my "big girl doodling"!

I listed the "love you to the moon & back" in my shop yesterday! More to come because I'm on a roll!!!!

I do also want to share the SALE that I am offering through Facebook only. "Like" my page: "Missy Trent Art & Offerings", and receive $10.00 off of a custom, 9"x12" word art on heavy watercolor paper, ready to frame! This sale applies to the word art heart design and to US buyers only. (My apologies, friends... But the cost of shipping internationally is crazy high and has been disastrous for me in the past, therefor, I stopped).

Husband and I went to the city yesterday.

He is so very adventurous, ... Love this about him!

It wasn't in the plans, but he blurted out, as we were driving on the highway, "wanna go eat at Ameristar Casino"?

Oh my goodness!!!!

I could never say no to the Ameristar buffet!

Naturally, I also take in the beauty and enjoy the photo opportunities.


Painted ceilings and darling store fronts.

Oh so many glass cases filled with lovely, photo worthy sweets.

Yes. We left the Ameristar felling fat, miserable, sleepy.

Back at home...

both husband and I fell into a sweet, Saturday slumber!

Aaaaahhh, weekends!

Enjoy yours!



Wednesday, January 8, 2014

ACEO's and a Dash of Color!

Hello, friends!

I am typing this blog post from my warm bed! Yes, a cup of hot coffee is sitting on my night stand. It's seriously cold here, in our neck of the woods! I am a person who could easily burrow all Winter long and never leave the house! (It just might be that way now that I've left my day job)!

Even the view from my art studio has been rather blah. A dusting of snow on the ground. Grey skies. Poor, dead trees.

I need color!!!

I have been dabbling and creating my own sunshine, of course.

Do you do the same?

I absolutely love playing at home!

This week I have tinkered with many of my toys...

Gelli plate, clay, gouache, acrylics, watercolors, graphite pencils, my cameras.

Although I long to bounce around on the land again, with the sun beaming down on my skin...

I am enjoying this Winter, just fine.

I finished this 8"x10" acrylic painting from my last blog post!

I'm crazy in love with the colors and texture!

She is available now in my etsy shop!

Moons make me smile! Do they you? I want to paint many more moons and stars!

Sometimes I prefer to work with tiny art.

This little gal is an ACEO (Art Cards, Editions and Originals). She measures only 2.50"x3.50".

I remember when ATC's (Artist Trading Cards), became all the rage here in the United States. I was involved in several online groups for swapping these small works of art. What fun it was! I received trading cards from Spain, Italy, Japan! I met so many nice people who were passionate about art and ATC's!

ATC's are for trading only.

ACEO's may be sold.

I miss participating in the ATC swaps. I just might get online later today and see if there are still active groups...

And jump back into the game!

Possibly you know?

For now, I'm listing ACEO's in my etsy shop.

I'm in the mood for small today...

And may make oodles and oodles of them!!!!

Wishing you a colorful day!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fun, Warmth, & Comfort...

Hello and Brrrrrrrrr!

Is it extremely cold in your little part of the world?

It's 10 degrees here on the prairie and surrounding areas.

I cannot complain though. I'm home, in my sweats, and have no commitments or places to go. We have power...

And a fresh pot of coffee!

Oh, and plenty of art to pass the time. Yesterday I had the pleasure of painting with my darling sister-in-law from Iowa. Both she and her husband (Paul's brother), came for a sleepover! I love it when the four of us get together. We blend perfectly! She loves art and even coordinates major art events in her city. It's her job. She is also a collector of art and every wall in their home is covered with art pieces in which she has purchased through the years. Us girls play and visit while the brothers engage in their common interests. Of course, we all gather for meals and last night, two movies, back to back! We were up very late and I'm feeling it today...

But am still painting.

Little by little.

Layer after layer. (Acrylics).


Along with coffee, there are hot cups of cocoa, overflowing with whipped topping and chocolate syrup.

The picture was taken Friday night from the city casino where hubby and I dined. The hot chocolate was so yummy, not to mention, pretty...

We went to the grocery store and picked up all ingredients for home!

It went quite well with our Friday night desserts.

It's been blowing and snowing here.

There's nowhere else that I'd rather be...

Than right here...

At home.

That's where the fun, warmth, and comfort is!

Wishing you a warm day!



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's A New Year!!!!

Hello, dear ones and Happy new year!!!!

It's pretty calm around here. Last night as well. Hubby and I sat in our new recliners, in our lounge wear, watching a scary movie! I tend to work on something creative as I sit because I'm really not a good sitter and my attention span is short. My mind never rests and yesterday I was just a bit excited about an accomplishment! A goal in which I had been pondering for awhile now. I decided to go ahead and begin the new year by re-stocking my etsy shop, now that I am settled into a permanent home and my vagabond has stopped and unpacked! It's tough after a divorce and not really knowing where home will be. Starting all over. Roaming. That was me a few years back. One certainly cannot maintain any kind of business in such chaos. I let go of many things during that time, including goals and dreams. Art supplies were in plastic tubs that traveled from Southwestern Kansas to the East coast, then Eastern Kansas!

Aaaaaah. At last I am at peace and have my life back...

A much better one than before, in fact!

So, I'm back up and running on etsy. I may never succeed there...

But I won't ever know until I do give it my time and commitment, right?

Here's the link to my shop, "La La Vagabond". I do hope that you'll stop by for a visit!

I like variety and will continue to list everything from original paintings, ACEO's, sculptures, greeting cards, holiday goodies, and always surprises! Always!

A pretty princess original watercolor painting that comes with a chocolate matt!

I try my best to price my art at reasonable prices that will allow everyone to afford, if they desire to purchase a piece.

My shop accepts credit, debit cards, paypal.

All is up-to-date, confirmed and verified! Yay!!!!

All of that alone took many hours, so for me, it's something to shout about!

Don't you just love that magical feeling that seems to arrive with the new year?

It's as if we have been given yet another opportunity to challenge ourselves and continue to create the lives that we so want.

I do not do resolutions. I just continue to improve and grow. It's always important to me to live a creative life, every single day.

I like to keep things colorful and make believe!

(A lot of glitter too)!


So, on that note, I shall say goodbye for now...


Wishing you a magical and wondrous 2014!

May dreams come true, goals achieved, and love shared!

Until next post,