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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year, new art...

As I sit here with my morning coffee I remember that tomorrow is New Year's Eve! Soon it will be 2012... a brand new year, which always triggers a whole different thought process: What do I hope to accomplish in this new year?
I suppose that the most important goal for me is to STAY PUT! I'm tired of searching for that permanent place to call, "HOME". I refuse to unpack all of my belongings until I feel certain that I am anchored. In all honesty, I was not even going to unpack all of my art supplies, but I miss them so! I miss having an entire room filled with book shelves displaying all of my art books and paper. I miss large work tables and tools. Most importantly, I long to create freely without frustration because I cannot find the items needed for a specific project. 
Hopefully, this will soon be resolved.
The photo above is the beautiful, country view from my new art room!
It's a project in itself but setting it up will be a very joyful event! The natural sunlight bursting through this huge window is every artist's dream!
The serenity that comes with country living brings an active mind filling up with creative ideas.
In between breaks from moving furniture and boxes...
I paint on tiny canvases.

I think about this new year...
and just how wonderful it will be!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cherished Moments...

Here I sit on the sofa, in my lounge wear, with a cup of coffee...
and memories of a wonderful Christmas spent in my hometown with my dear family. Although I still must travel to see my family...
I find much comfort in knowing that I am not thousands of miles away anymore. I am in Kansas. I can be with my loved ones in just 5.50 hours!
The train seemed quite fitting for a holiday getaway...you know, it was an adventure to board the Polar Express and to observe every ounce of Christmas spirit from a ground level. I saw beautiful lights, people carrying pretty wrapped packages, and even some snow!

I saw old luggage and much history.

Once I arrived to my destination in Dodge City, Kansas...
my heart was warm. I savored every moment with my family. We ate plenty of sweets and laughed out loud! By the way, these were the best gingerbread cookies.....oh, so soft and moist!

Paul and I even took some time to EXPLORE. This place that was home to the both of us growing up. We walked the old downtown district and recalled the days when we watched movies from the historic Dodge theatre.

Paul left Dodge City soon after he graduated from High School so he sees more change than I do and seems to have less emotional attachment. I, on the other hand, was in Dodge City, Kansas up until the age of 44. I will probably always feel somewhat homesick and pine for friends and family. For now, my life is feeling more complete than it has in several years and I am still, and always will be, a Kansas girl!
It was indeed, a perfect Christmas shared with family.
Paul & I are now home safely and using today as a day to rest and regroup! I'm enjoying some photo editing and the pictures keep the cherished moments alive.
I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2011

December Bliss!

I love Christmas and the warm fuzzy feelings that this time of year brings. I suppose this is why I have been absent from my blog. I want to savor each and every moment this year. I want to enjoy local events, along with my new home... and of course, the new people in my life. I want to be present for every joyful moment and all of the beauty that now surrounds me. I want to be in the kitchen, baking yummy pies and spend free time watching holiday movies.
Christmas comes only once a year...
and this year, I don't want to miss a thing! Oh yes, I do want to create and blog...
more so now than ever since Paul gave me a Macbook Pro laptop for an early Christmas gift! So, for now, I sit on the sofa...
next to him, and this beautiful Christmas tree...
learning how to blog on a Mac! 
Life is good.
December is pure bliss!
More to come!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bring On December!

Hello to all!
Thanksgiving came and passed quickly! I hope that everyone had a wonderful one, filled with thankful hearts... and full bellies! I can't believe that it's now December. Many will be shopping the malls and specialty shops...
others prefer to shop from home, online. I enjoy both, however, I do also try to support small business owners and of course, artists. 
Since my move back to Kansas I have stumbled upon some great finds, right here in this tiny town filled with more prairie land than shops! I thought that I would have a major melt down without a Starbuck's around the corner or high speed internet service. Yes, I sulked. I then reminded myself that this is all just part of "change" (in which I am not at all comfortable with), and that with change we must also be open-minded, flexible, and willing to try new things. Of course, there will be losses...
however, if we keep our log term goals and dreams in focus...
we will see many gains.
Once I arrived on the prairie, I began exploring the town, a little each day. I met a few people, I found a fabulous hair dresser whom the town people call, "Sissy"...
and I had one of the best cups of java on the planet!
That was months ago. Now I am a return customer to The Coffee Depot, along with other great and unique shops, tucked away in a darling downtown business district.
No, I have not abandoned Starbuck's, in fact, I had the pleasure of sipping a tall Christmas Blend just last weekend! 
I have only made a new discovery that truly is just as satisfying and actually more convenient for me-
all because I welcomed CHANGE.

The artist side of me has been busy creating for up & coming holiday sales!
These items will be at the local downtown next Friday.

Art & Inspiration magnets

Inspirational Blocks.

More holiday ornaments!

All handmade, from the heart!
Bring on December!
Until next time~