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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday ramblings... and shots!

It's still so cold here!

I woke up to frosty windows.

The sun was just coming up, and oh, how I had hoped that it would brighten the skies all day long...

But, it didn't happen. I enjoyed what little of it that I could during the wee hours of the morning. I grabbed my new Sony NEX camera and captured these few pics.

For now, I'm shooting only in the automatic mode, and without a flash. I want to simply get the feel of the camera. So far, I'm very pleased! I have taken many pictures, all very vibrant.... And I love the way the camera goes "clickity-click"! I will really have fun with it once the weather warms up but until then... Well, let's just say I quickly snapped these pics and then dashed back inside to my cup of coffee... Candle light, warmth, and art.

(All of the pictures above were shot with Sony NEX 5r).

I started this new painting today. She's nowhere near completed yet. I have some ideas about the background and still have more layers of watercolor to lay out.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this three day weekend and dabbled in all of my hobbies and interests!!! I am so passionate about life these days, and a very good life I have been blessed with. Paul and I are the best of friends... Even making scrambled eggs together is pure bliss! We did just that this morning and then remained, all cozy inside the entire day!

Sometimes we slip out for a dessert date...

Yes. That's my dish and I ate it all up! Life is sweet!

I'm rambling...

I shall close here.

Until next time...


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