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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pay-It-Forward 2013

I just love social networking and how I can remain connected to most all of my friends and family in one place, even though many of us are miles apart. Last night, one friend posted about a "Pay-It-Forward" game. The first five people to comment on her post would receive a small surprise from her, via mail, within the 2013 calendar year. The catch: if one comments and agrees to play, they too must post the Pay-It-Forward invitation on their page, bringing five others into the game. How fun! I immediately commented and began painting 3" x 7" watercolor bookmarks to send to my five friends. (At that time, not even knowing who would comment).

Soon, I had my first friend. A few minutes after, I had two more! Now I have six...

After all, it's all about giving, right? One comment came just after my fifth and she was so disappointed to have missed out... I added her to my recipients anyway!

It feels so good to paint tiny gifts for others! In knowing that there is not a stressful deadline to meet, makes it quite enjoyable, as creating should be. I will probably get my surprises mailed out just as soon as I complete them... And how exciting it would be to also enclose a special Valentine from me? Perhaps a tiny box of chocolates or a scented sachet? Oh, I can't wait!!!!! Giving fills my heart with such JOY!

Once I have fulfilled my Pay-it-Forward obligations... I may just join in for another round!

Try it!

It will give you such warm and fuzzy feelings!!!!!

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