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Meet The Artist
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Art Journal Entry- The Ring...

Oh, dear me!

I have too many thoughts and ideas bouncing around in my head! My feet hit the floor at 4:00 am, (on a day that I could sleep in), but I certainly did not mind. I was ready to start the day because today I am a real Princess, sporting my new engagement ring!!! You see, I have not been able to wear it yet. It was not my size.

My sweetheart felt sorry for me and said to the jeweler, "Don't you have a loaner ring that she can wear until she gets her own"? To my surprise, Mr. Jeweler agreed to this and sent me on my way with a fake diamond ring from his display case. This is a true story. It was a pretty ring, and one probably would not even know that it was an imitation diamond ring... But what I did know was that it was not MY engagement ring.

We were able to go pick up my ring last night and then celebrated with a wonderful dinner at our new favorite Chinese buffet! Yes, I had Sushi for the third time this week!

So this morning I couldn't wait to be the first one up so that I could sit by the Christmas tree, in silence...

And take care of some unfinished business.

My watercolor art journal had been waiting for me. I had to stay focused so that I could capture the details of that December 22nd eve.

I was pleased with my painting this morning and would smile when I would see the ring on my finger, creating twinkling little stars with hand movement.

Once I completed my journal entry, I moved right on to the next project... But that will be another story and blog post, of course!

For now, I do believe, that I will burrow beneath the blankets for a Saturday nap.

Stay warm! Xo


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