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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Monday, September 22, 2014

*Pumpkin Love*

Orange, yellow, purple, gold, red, and brown.

Are you seeing them too?

I'm finding these lovely, rich colors of Fall here and there...

on a morning walk, I have stumbled upon resting leaves beneath the trees.

Every market has pumpkins now, in all shapes and sizes!

Because our pumpkin patch failed us...

I purchased some pumpkins for our home. I am particularly fond of these white pumpkins.

Of course, I bought an orange one too...

and I really love painting them, as you may already know about me.

Most evenings are spent in the living room with hubby. He watches television while I play with my watercolors. I must confess, I have quite a collection of watercolors since they are my fave. I have itty bitty field sets, medium size sets, tubes, half pans, watercolor pencils, hydrus watercolors, and even that very expensive 48 color palette in a metal box.

I love them all equally, for different uses.

I want more watercolors, can you believe? Not to be a greedy or snobby artist... But because I truly get so very excited to try them all! (and I still use each and every set)!

For Halloween art, I really like the iridescent watercolors and Twinkling H20's.

Do you have a favorite medium or hobby that you just never can get enough of?

During the day I am still plugging away with commissions.


An Irish Blessing in honor of a man who turns 80 years old in October. His grown children asked me to do the painting, which will be donated to their church. Isn't that so nice?

The man was also a wheat farmer.

I absolutely enjoy hearing the stories that go with each commission. These are real people with real events...

and I always feel so honored myself, to be a part of.

God is good!

By night...

I'm right back here, in the living room...


Yes, I got the Halloween decorations out...

Even the lights!

*pumpkin love*



Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Country Fall with Mr. Pippin...

Oooooooh, don't you just love Fall?

Although we still have some 80-degree days in our forecast this week, the Fall festivities have begun here on the prairie.

Country living is simply wonderful.

Neighbors and friends live fields apart, but still remain close should one need a helping hand or wish to share a cup of coffee.

Every Fall is welcomed with the annual Bon fire, a few dirt roads South of us. Many of the town folk gather, with a covered dish in hand...

for a night of visiting, eating, and a live band for some dancing, for those who desire to do so.

This goes on until 1:00 in the morning...

but hubby and I could never last that long!

It was a nice evening.


I have completed, "Mr. Pippin". Doesn't he look festive in his orange and black?

I am now eager to decorate the house for Halloween!

It's always so much fun digging those boxes out of the basement and admiring each decoration, one by one...

deciding on it's placement for this Fall year.

For now, "Mr. Pippin" hangs from the fireplace mantel. He needs more friends, and once that I get caught up with commission work... (Or in between),

I will sculpt a Mrs. Pippin, for him.

At last!

This piece will ship to it's new home tomorrow!

A painstaking piece of art that has undergone many transformations.

Mistakes were made...

and layers of acrylic paint were added to fix them.

I'm doing the happy dance today because it is time to move on to the next!

I hope that your weekend has been wonderful as well.

We will meet right back here again, real soon, ok?



Thursday, September 11, 2014

Welcome Fall... and a pumpkin doll!

The past two days have been cold, wet, and grey here.

My morning walks now require a jacket.

And a few stops to snap some photos, of course!

My pumpkin patch fizzled out so I had to pluck the six pumpkins that did grow, even though they were still rather tiny.

That's okay though because as far as I am concerned, Fall has arrived and I'm feeling very inspired by it!

Even our country cow friends are enjoying the cooler temperatures.

They came out to greet me after I wrapped up my walk....

Snap, snap.

And then I dashed into the house, dampened by the misty rain.

More coffee to brew, for warming my bones.

I was on a mission.

I had sketched my ideas onto sticky notes.

For days, thinking about pumpkin dolls...

but commission work must come first.

So I have been painting like a mad woman!

Getting closer to be finished...

(and closer to making pumpkin dolls)...

when I get another commission just yesterday!

Friends, I must pinch myself often because I can't believe that at last, I really am living my dream. I always have work now.

The only problem that I seem to have is finding the time to create for fun, with no instructions, and to use whatever mediums that I may be in the mood for that day. You know, that free spirit stuff that artists have.

After painting all mid morning, I decided that I was going to make it all work! I was indeed, going to start bringing Mr. Pumpkin doll to life, afterall, October will soon be here!

And so, the sculpting has begun!


I can do it all,

With practice, of course! (Time management).

Tell me what you are doing to welcome Fall!!!

Until next time,



Friday, September 5, 2014

Simple, Silly Life...

Hello, friends!

How are you?

Well, August flew by rather quickly...

and I became another year older.

My sweet husband left a chalkboard message for me, beside my coffee pot, on the morning of my birth date.

I have never minded aging...

up until this year. Maybe a little last year, but not like this. 49. That's just too close to 50!

Art journal time has been badly needed these days.

If you keep your own journal, you totally get where I am coming from.

Just jotting down the day's events and some scribbling seems to help with my balancing act.

Commissions continue to come my way, therefor, I do not journal as much as I'd like to.

On my birthday, I did play, of course!


today being Friday,

By gosh, I'm at it again and it feels fantastic!

It's been a cool, rainy day.

I did work this morning, but then this afternoon the urge came over me. You know...

when our mind plays tricks on us. I absolutely love those chilly Fall days, all wrapped up in a fluffy blanket with a hot cup of coffee and my paints. My Molskine journal. So, it suddenly became a real Fall day (in my head), and so the art journaling began.

Watercolor pumpkins that fold out and hold secret messages inside.

Wet brushes swooshing over the pages.

Colors spreading in directions, all of their own.

Pure joy for this girl. (I refuse to say woman at this time). "Girl" just sounds more fun, and fun is what I shall have!

Hours have passed and I'm still painting, cutting, pasting, and smiling.

Some may call it a waste of time.

For me, art journaling is one of the best ways to spend time. It's a part of myself, poured onto the pages of a sleek, black book.

Maybe some day my journals will be in the hands of others. Possibly my niece or a relative. I do hope that they will enjoy my ramblings about life!

I so love life.

The simple things, like grabbing my camera at 6:30 am and dashing out the front door to capture this amazing sunrise.

Just look at those rays!

No editing on these photos. These are all natural and true.

It was absolutely worth being outside, in my pajamas for this. (And I know that I looked silly)!

What silly simple things do you do to love your life?

Please, share!

Enjoy your weekend!!!