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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back Home and Back to Work...

Hello, dear ones!

Did you have a nice Memorial Day weekend?

Hubby and I took a little road trip to visit our families back "home".

He did some RZR riding on the river while I shopped with my two moms, one being his mother.

Lots of dining out and simply sitting in my parents' living room.

I'm perfectly content with the simple things!

Once back to our prairie home, it's been work, work, work!

All good work, of course!

Work in the garden.

Work with customers who buy my fancy nail wraps and jewelry.

Work inside the home and oodles of laundry!

Work in my art studio! Yay!

I have finished this commission piece and will be shipping it to it's new home tomorrow.

Do you remember me sharing the story of the client who has made it her new year's resolution to "be a kinder person" by having gifts of art mailed to them without ever identifying herself?

Well, this is one of those secret gifts!

I will also be enclosing this...

With a card.

I am enjoying this job more than any other!

It's so very uplifting and fulfilling!

I could forever paint...

But it's just always so much more special to paint for others.

I wish that she would commission me for life!

I will be so sad when our project ends in 2015.

Of course, my newest little hobby and side job means having pretty nails!

This truly is fun for me, and hey...

It's some fun spending cash too!

A neighbor came over this morning for coffee and a mani!

We both did our nails and of course, I snap pics of mine!

Our flower gardens are looking so beautiful!!!!

Loving this weather and all of the colors!

I will see you back here again very soon!



Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Brush strokes, color, & a perfect day!

It's that time again...

You know.

That colorful time of the year!

That season that lifts our spirits and encourages us to run outside to play!!!

I did just that on this perfect Spring day!

I painted and played "Miss photographer"...

but only with my iPhone.


I watered all of our oh, so pretty flower beds...

and worked in the garden too!

The birds singing to their friend...

The chatty squirrel peeking down from a nearby tree.

Brush strokes.


Happy heart.

How is your day?


Fabulous, I hope.

I'm working on this commission for a photographer.

It's far from completed, but if wanted to share!

In between my outdoor work and play,

I came inside to cool down. It's in the 80's here this week!

(What I call perfect).

I prepared lunch for my hubby, as I always do on week days.

I then sliced fresh fruits.

Lemons, limes, strawberries.

More color of Spring...

and such a lovely aroma!

I added the fruit to a pitcher of Spring water and placed it in the fridge.

On these "perfect days", I need extra water, don't you?

So, why not make it colorful and healthier?

and yes, I failed to snap a pretty pic of all that fruit floating in the pitcher!

Maybe next time!


Life is good!

Blessings to you!!!!


Friday, May 16, 2014

Where did I leave off?

Oh, dear!

Where did I leave off?

First, a big HELLO to all of you!!!!

How have you been?


It's been awhile, I know.

My world has undergone many changes and adjustments! (All good, I might add), but trying to find "balance" has not been easy since I resigned from my day job in November.

I have discovered that working from home, does indeed, come with a whole set of new challenges.

Time management being the biggie for me!

Friends, I have been richly blessed with consistent commission work, and it always keep my art work at the top of my priority list! No problem there. I love being responsible and dependable. My biggest thrill and form of payment are the praises that I receive from clients and recipients of my art! I love waking up to an email or a Facebook message from someone who is overjoyed and so grateful after receiving a piece of my art! This makes my heart so very happy!


I'm doing what I love and I do it passionately.

I've had orders for anniversaries...

And surprise gifts to friends...

Birthday gifts, a child's bedroom (the decor in planets & space)...

Day after day, I paint.

Some days I find myself feeling restless. Is that the word that I'm seeking?

I miss doing personal art, especially my art journaling.

Some days I really have not felt all geared up to go into my beautiful art room and paint.

I am one who needs variety and I do like to create on a spur of the moment.

So, I added another "for fun" job to my life.

I signed up to be an independent consultant with a nail wrap company. I seriously did this, as a hobbiest, and only to give me something fun, yet still creative, to add to those days that I needed a break from art work.

Oh my!

This HAS indeed been fun...

And yes, creative.

But then suddenly, I became crazy busy!

Once Facebook friends caught wind of the nail wraps, I found myself running more errands, delivering and shipping nail wrap samples, doing nail wrap parties! Oh. And of course, keeping my own nails pretty!

I honestly did not expect all of this! 4 recruits.... Helping them, orders arriving... Advancing to "senior consultant"! Giggle. Giggle.

Once again, I'm so happy in all that I'm doing but I am now working on balancing my art, Jamberry Nails, house, husband, travel.

This is why I have been absent from blog land!

I seriously, have had no extra time for taking and editing photos let alone, sitting down to type up a blog post.

I also adore blogging.

I will get it all figured out!

I will say, that out of all my jobs...

My favorite is, and always will be, my art.

When I'm painting...

Something unexplainable happens.

Even on those days that I did force myself to pick up that paintbrush...

Within minutes, I realize that I am smiling. I even dance a little to the radio! Shhhhh.

I diffuse the lovliest essential oils. It's such a slice of heaven...

In my art studio.


Do you remember these?


Well, since we last visited, I have also made oodles and oodles more! They have shipped to Shops and stores in different states! No kidding! I have reveived some very nice checks in the mail for these guys!

Happy heart. Happy life!

My wonderful husband has supported all of my jobs. He even builds odd shaped boxes for my big canvas paintings to ship in. How did I ever get so lucky?!!!!

We've planted our garden here on the prairie. He even built a wonderful fence all around it.

In August we are going back to the East coast for our big vacation!

Life is good.

I hope that you are savoring every moment of yours!

God bless and I will certainly do better at blogging!


I will.