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Meet The Artist
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Soul nurturing moments...


No big news from my end. You?

It's Friday night on the patio. Just me, my sketch journal, a nice cool breeze and some storm clouds forming up above.

We have had some rather unusual sky performances this Summer!

Isn't it fabulous? Like art in the sky!

I sit out here and watch. Study.

Doodle at times.

Hey! I guess I do have something fun to share!

My sweet husband and I recently celebrated our anniversary. He gifted me with this oh, so cute, "Instax" camera!

I will use these tiny 2" X 3" photos for my art journals.

We also purchased the mobile "Polaroid zip" mini printer and are very impressed! One can never have too many tiny pictures, right?

This guy.

He is so good to me and I wake up feeling blessed every single day.

He has now made his way out to the patio so I will close here, wishing you a wonderful weekend...

And, surprise hearts! (I found this gem on the patio).

I wish you colorful skies...

And soul nurturing moments.



Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Coffee & wine corks...

Oh, my! Summer sure does keep us hopping, doesn't it? A good kind of hopping, I might add!

Before I share anymore, I will show you my latest project. I refer to these kind of projects as "fun art". Art that comes with no commitment or deadline. Art that allows me to also experiment and play with other goodies such as beads, in this case. It has been a perfect creation to help me to ease back into some painting after returning from a trip...

Just some patio sitting and dabbling.

Ta da!

Wine cork key chains!

You may have seen these in shops or on the Internet, just as I had. I was instantly intrigued by them, especially after holding one in my hand this past weekend while in Branson, MO. (Much cuter in person)! I wanted to make them, however, I do not enjoy copying creations of others. If I am going to call myself an artist, I choose to behave as one! So, I began to think about these darling key chains and challenged myself to be inspired by them, yet make them my own by adding something to them that I had not yet seen. Well, it did not take long before I realized that by using the corks as my canvas, I could add my own special touch with tiny paintings on them! And so...

It began.

From there, I have been bombarded with special orders through my Facebook group. (A huge thanks to those are are keeping me joyfully busy)!

By the way, on Friday I will be giving three of my key chains away to three people so if you have not yet joined "Missy Trent Art", I invite you to do so!


I have not played with beads and charms in ages! How fun!

Speaking of fun...

My husband and I took a little road trip last weekend to Hollister and Branson, MO. We met up with some friends and enjoyed a weekend filled with shopping, dining, flea markets, antiquing, music, and of course, coffee!

I highly recommend the "Vintage Paris Coffee & Wine Cafe" in Hollister, MO.

I absolutely loved the "Van Gogh" coffee! (Lavender and honey). Simply the best coffee that I have put to my lips! I could have sit in this cozy coffee house for hours.

Isn't it beautiful? (And yes, I find him to be easy on the eyes also)!

Now, back home...

I continue to treat myself to great coffee and recently purchase a "Chemex" pour over coffee pot.

The little things that make us feel special!

It's quite pretty but I find that my coffee gets cold quickly in the vessel. Have you ever used one and do you have any advice on how to solve this issue? Please, comment and tell me how to love this pot!!! Thank you in advance.

I will leave you with my rainy morning view as I was waiting for my slow pour coffee!

Until next time...



Monday, June 27, 2016

Paper mache' mermaids... Check!


I am now checking the paper mache' mermaid boxes off of my "need to finish" list!

Yes, indeed. I finished these little jewels today and they are available at "Missy Trent Art".


I have truly enjoyed painting for fun and mermaids really are one of my favorite subjects to paint! Now it's time to get back to commission painting!

Hey! We have witnessed some amazing skies here on the prairie and you can bet that I am always ready to snap some pretty pictures for you!

Last night we had just a very soft rain. You know...the type of rain that rocks us to sleep?

This morning I bounced out of bed and out the front door to see what gifts Mother Nature left for our pleasure...

Oh my!!!!

A dewy piece of art created by one very talented spider! Just look at this pattern and detail! The drops of dew look like tiny diamonds.

After photographing this perfect web, I poured myself a cup of coffee and went to the patio to savor each sip. I felt thankful. Thankful that I am up so very early and that I am so appreciative of the small things in life. I am thankful that I am present and that I do observe.

Friends, I try my best to create my own fun and to find the beauty in most all things.

Even laundry...

No. I don't always enjoy doing the laundry but when I make it into a photo shoot or inspiration for a painting... It's not a chore anymore! Oh, and I must tell you that freshly hung bedding is a great way to sleep peacefully! The scent is amazing.

Simples pleasures are the best!

Until next time...



Thursday, June 23, 2016

Surrounded by mermaids & Summer...

What on earth? (Or shall, I say, "in the sea")?

I cannot stop painting these happy little mermaids!


This week is off to another very productive start, I am thrilled to report.

Each morning I grab my coffee and make several trips to and from the patio, bringing art supplies outside to the table.

I prepped canvases and paper mache boxes with gesso on Monday.

By Tuesday, the paper mache boxes were coming to life with mermaids!

And today...

I am nearly finished!

The boxes will soon be available at Missy Trent Art.

Just click on the link and come take a peek!

I have continued on with my Summer reading as I wait for paint to dry.

Some times from the chair.

Other times, I am in the hammock!

Either way suits me just fine and just look at my backyard view!

Oh, Summer, Summer! I love thee!!!

Wishing you a fabulous, sunny day!



Monday, June 20, 2016

Mermaid Wishes...

Hello, hello!

I am doing a quick post just to say it out loud...

"I have just completed my "Mermaid Wishes" series!

You know that I have been working on these little acrylics on canvas for awhile now and sipping tons of coconut water too! It's hot out here on the patio!

You may purchase them here:

Missy Trent Art


The three pictured above are 4"x4", chunky canvases. So cute!

The other mermaids (below), were painted on 6"x6" traditional canvases.

I am still working on several mermaid watercolor pieces.

Happy first day of Summer and I do hope that you will follow the link and join me there!

Thank you so very much for supporting my art!

See you soon!