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Meet The Artist
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Creating Yourself...

I once had a friend who gifted me a refrigerator magnet...

It was a large, square magnet with bold lettering that read, "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself".

At that time, I was going through a divorce and uncertain as to what I was going to do next. I was in my mid forties and starting all over just wasn't in my life plans at that age.

I sat the magnet aside, not really processing just what those bold words were telling me.



I completely get it.


We do have the ability to create the kind of life that we wish to live.

It may not all come together instantly...

We may have to settle for working unfulfilling jobs or possibly living in places that just don't feel like home...

But if we have a vision and set goals to achieve,

Those not-so-pleasant things are temporary.

We can create the life that we so desire.

I'm still working on my life, but I always new that I wanted to live in the country. Being a wife is my favorite "job", and I have been blessed with marrying a very sweet, country boy!

I am a person who must be creative.

I am creative, in some way, every single day. Sometimes I force myself...

But I do it!

I do it because I want to live a creative life and only I can make that happen.

I might get fancy with a meal...

A splash of color on a plate.

I may just grab my camera and step outside in search of a pretty picture.

I journal.

Press flowers.


Collect junk and turn it into something cool!

Sometimes I add whipped cream to my coffee and drink from a special mug.

I love to play in our five acre yard.

Early, early mornings are my favorite time of day...

If I don't have to work!

I adore shabby chic style...

And ripped jeans.

I don't pay attention to what is in style. I wear only what I like. Sometimes, it's weird and mixed-matched!

These are the things...

The simple things that make me smile.

Things that I always wanted for my life.

Hubby and I prefer homemade vanilla ice cream over store bought ice cream.

He likes to make it!

Finally, at age 47...

I get it.

I can create a serene atmosphere and enjoy the simple pleasures to find contentment.

I am true to myself.

Living a creative life.

I hope that you are fulfilling your desires!!!!

Today, while starting on my Halloween clay characters...

I was also having a conversation with a friend who is experiencing some big, life changes.

This is what led me into my art room...

To retrieve that square magnet with those powerful words on it.

It was that magnet that inspired the art journal entry (above).

I remembered feeling quite scared and confused back then...

When the magnet was given to me.

Soon, I realized that I was powerless at that moment, to "fix" everything and be instantly happy....

But discovered that once I let go of the constant worry and fear...

I was able to embrace the new adventures that awaited. It was fear that kept me stuck and feeling so hopeless.

I wasn't even able to create at that time. My mind was on overload!

Creating ourselves is a fun journey!

Step by step...

A little at a time.

We can create ourselves and the life that we want!!!!!

Blessings to all...



Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thank YOU, Friend!

Hello to you!

I just love it when I wake up to sweet emails or comments from those who visit my blog! It's so nice of you to take the time to do so.

Through the years I have "met" so many wonderful people through blogging!

I also find great pleasure in viewing your blogs, if you have one. It's my ritual,each morning, with a cup of coffee...

To view the beautiful blogs in which I have saved to my "Pulse" app, on my iPad. Unfortunately, through this app, I do not have access to a "comments" feature. Just know, that I am there...


Taking in your inspiring posts!

You are a huge part of my life, whether you know it or not!

Many of you motivate me to get out my paintbrushes or my camera.

You all make me smile...

And although we have never actually met,

I feel honored to call you my friend!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



Monday, July 29, 2013

A Pretend "Fall" Day...

Interesting, it is.

How the weather can alter our minds and trick us.

It's been raining all day here. With the rain comes a chill in the air.

It truly feels like a Fall day. The sky is a drab grey color.

I made a pot of coffee, late this afternoon, and took a cup of the hot brew into the bedroom.

I got all cozy, beneath the bed blankets and opened up my art journal.


No plan...

Just pencil scratches...

Then some watercolor.

Soon, these faces adorned the journal page.

Kinda creepy, eh?

Well, maybe not.

I found myself thinking about Halloween, pumpkins, ghosts, goblins, black cats.

Glass bottles filled with magic potions...

Oooooh, don't you just squirm when you think of that spooky time of the year?

I dip my paintbrush into the bright colors...

Orange, green, purple, yellow, and blue.

I'm thinking that I may create each one of these characters using clay!

What do you think?

Possibly, I will.

So, in my art journal I will continue to play.

I will jot down some notes and ideas...

On this pretend "Fall" day.

Until next time...



Saturday, July 27, 2013

On A Typical Saturday...

On a typical Saturday, I usually wake before my husband.

I sit by a small lamp, in the living room, and work in my art journal as I sip my java.

You see, I really don't do much art on the weekends because we use Saturday to get out and explore, work around the house and the yard, run errands. Sunday, we stick close to home and rest or prepare for the work week.

So, this morning I completed yesterday's art journal entry.

A few hours into the morning we were out the door!

Into the city...


Our first stop- City Market. We buy some pastries, a few onions and whole garlic for homemade salsa. It was so crowded at the market today... I really could not capture any great pics to share with you. Elbow to elbow with people who frown on someone who stops to take pictures! I don't enjoy a crowded day at City Market nearly as much as a slow day!

After a walk through, blocks and blocks of produce, yard ornaments, flowers, women's clothing, purses, wind chimes, artists playing guitars or sketching...

The smell of barbecue and Tai food...

We were hungry!

We agreed to indulge in one of our guilty pleasures...


Our favorite buffets are casino buffets. I think that we also enjoy the beauty, the lights, and the uniqueness of each casino that we visit.

This one really was fabulous!

This is the inside of the casino. The entire ceiling is painted blue with fluffy, realistic clouds. Amazing!

It was as if we had entered into a little village. Each restaurant and shop had the appearance of a storefront, house, or building.

It really was a great place to shoot some interesting pics!

Oh, and the buffet was out of this world good!

Yes, we are buffet busters!

On a typical Saturday...

After a huge buffet...

We return home to nap.

Happy weekend, friends!



Friday, July 26, 2013

Trickle, Drop, Splash...

Hello, dear readers!
How are you?
I am, at last, feeling better. I think it was about 4:00 this afternoon when I realized that I felt good after a past few days of sluggishness and moping!
It was then that I scurried to my art supplies...
The ones that I keep in a portable tote. Ya know, the tote that I carry from room to room...
And to the patio.
I was in desperate need of some art journal play!
I couldn't stop thinking about it.
I could even hear the water in my mind...
Trickle, drop, splash...
Trickle, drop, splash.
I've always wanted a large fountain to add a bit more tranquility to my atmosphere. ( like a rainforest.... With tropical plants surrounding).
One with a big lion to hoard off any unwanted guests and to guard the Forest.
I paint and paint.
A big smile on my face.
Yes, I smile really big and listen to
Trickle, drop, splash.
Trickle, drop, splash....
Because today, sitting outside on the patio has been extra special!
Hubby has fulfilled yet another dream of mine!
It looks pretty nice in my art journal too!
Ready for the weekend...
How about you?
Enjoy, my friends!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dumb Week...

Have you ever had a "dumb week"?

"What is a dumb week", you may ask.

I shall tell you.

A dumb week is when you wake up each day and try to be chipper, but it's just not there. You try to do something creative, only to discover that you don't have the extra energy to follow through. You can't even paint a tiny butterfly in your art journal!

A dumb week brings boredom since you don't feel up to doing anything.

You just want to crawl under your very own toadstool and pout.

To help pass the time, you may read...

But then fall fast asleep.

A dumb week is when you just don't feel well.

Your mind has all of these glorious ideas of things to do...

But your body says, "rest".

Yes, I'm having a dumb week and so hoping that I bounce back soon!

Art journaling is always comforting. I will write my ramblings on the page later!

The book in which I am currently reading, is rather good, as are all books that I have read by Mary Kay Andrews! This one is titled, "Ladies Night", and was just released. I adore her style! All of her books are filled with silly girlfriends and antics! I download the books onto my iPad, but sometimes I want to hold a real book and turn real, paper pages... So, I do both.

A great book always helps when you are experiencing a dumb week, don't you agree?

Until next time...



Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Few More Pages...


Another new day, typing this blog post from the patio...

Happy birds greet me,

And realize just how much I am going to miss these carefree mornings, outdoors, once I return back to work in August.

Another reason why I like to keep an art journal.

When Winter becomes unbearable, and free time is limited...

I can flip through the very pages of this journal and be reminded just why I work hard.

Travel, fun purchases, art supplies, entertaining, gardening, good meals...

And the joy of doing absolutely nothing!

Yes, this is why we set an alarm, get out in the cold...even when we don't feel well, and go do tasks that often leave us mentally drained.

I love looking back at old art journals!

I also find great pleasure in starting a brand new art journal.


A few more pages remain in this journal, then it's complete! This journal documents the time that I left Maryland and began a new life, here with Paul! Our wedding!!!! What a beautiful story to sit on a shelf...

And read over and over

Through the years.

I like the pocket in the back of the Moleskines...

They hold memorabilia from special even, along with photos, etc.

Do you keep an art journal?

Wishing you a perfect day!



Monday, July 22, 2013

Friends, Mermaids, and Starfish...

Good morning to you!

I sit here in the morning light, outside on the patio with a cup of coffee.

Pondering. Reflecting.

This patio has been the host to many memorable occasions!

Over the weekend, it was a perfect place for two longtime friends and a beautiful mess!

Together, we enter into a whole new world where the creativity flows for days and we bounce from one project to another. Even after the sun sets, we remain, under the patio lights...

Working away, like little elves. Building, assembling, painting, talking, and laughing.

A block of clay becomes a starfish...

Mounted onto a painted, wood box.

Some of our projects,such as the box, do not get completed...

Until the next time we meet...

Or, we may work on them from miles apart and share the process by phone- sending text messages and pictures! Either way, the projects are shared together. Isn't it just the greatest thing, to have a friend who is much like yourself and has the same interests as you? I do hope that you have one of these friends... Or two!

A friend who adores a silly little sculpture to set on a shelf!

So, our hands knead and pinch clay for hours...

Until mermaids appear.

Meet "Mable"!

She is my mermaid friend. Lori chose her name. I'm not completely satisfied with her face, but I shall work on her a bit more.

Even mermaids need a friend, right?

Here are the girls, together! Don't they make you just smile big?

Oh, how we enjoyed playing with the clay and glitter!!!! I am now inspired to do more sculpting for sure!

In between projects, we break for a snack.

Zucchini on the grill was a very nice treat!

We brushed each slice with olive oil and then topped with herbs from my garden, freshly grated Parmesan cheese and sun dried tomatoes and peppers. You must try this!!!!

It was a glorious weekend and always difficult to say our goodbyes. ( I still cry when my loved ones leave). Sometimes I do feel so far away from all of my people and familiar places...

Way out here, in the country.

But then my husband returns from his fun weekend in the Ozarks...

He and I take a drive...

And I am reminded once again, just how grateful I am to live out in the country. It's so very peaceful and serene.

We resume our normal routines here today- he back to work while I tend to the home and the gardens...

And of course, the creative projects of my own.

I will grin each time that I pass by "Mable"...

And think of Lori, of course!

Blessings to you all!