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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Dusting of Snow on the Prairie...

We have our first dusting of snow for the season!

The weather man spoke of it a couple of days ago and it was to be a grand snow, arriving yesterday...

so I waited anxiously, peeking from the big arched window in my studio, as I painted.

We have just returned back home after a wonderful Christmas shared with my family, back in our home town. I am enjoying this time brushing up on my ever-so-loved watercolors. Just playing. No art commitments or deadlines at this moment. It feels fabulous to just savor Winter and silence for awhile.

The snow did arrive...

Just enough to add a splash of white to the ground!

This morning I grabbed my camera and made my way outside to capture the beauty. (It will have to do until that BIG snow arrives)!

The orange...

With all of this Winter grey is so lovely.

Back inside.

Cold hands and toes.

It was certainly time for tea!

Hey! Did you have a nice holiday? I do hope that yours was filled with much goodness.

I must show you a package that arrived by mail. It was an art exchange in which I participated in. Just look at this hand painted wrap! (Artist, Peggy Hood).

I must remember to paint some of my gift wrapping next year!

Enjoy your day, my friend!

I shall meet up with you again very soon!



Monday, December 21, 2015

Celebrating December...


Can you believe it? In just a few more days we will be celebrating Christmas!

I must confess, my celebrating has begun! I am all caught up on commission work and at last, am able to dabble in my own art, such as my art journal. It felt so fabulous to sit by the Christmas tree early this morning, with my cup of coffee and watercolors. Our new little friend joined in! Although we have no children...

our home just seems much more complete now with the "Elf on the Shelf"! Any name suggestions would be appreciated in the comments, please, as we have not yet named our boy elf!

Presents have been purchased, wrapped, and are displayed beneath the tree. Donations, check!

Cards were all addressed and mailed soon after Thanksgiving.

Seriously, friends... This feels so incredibly nice! I must do this again next year! All I did differently was start earlier and stayed committed! I even did a complete purge with my clothes closet!

Oh, and then I did treat myself to a set of six Laura Mercier soufflé body cremes!


Oh my.

If you have not tried...

You really must.

I loved every scent, however, my personal favorite has so far, been the pistache.

I will now be requesting that Santa bring me a full size jar each year since it is a bit expensive.

We have enjoyed getting out and admiring pretty things...

There's just something about all of the lights, the music, the smells, and even the tv commercials that warm the heart each December.

I pray for world peace and for those who dread this time of year due to circumstances. Please, do not let these people go forgotten, dear ones. We can all give a smile, a hug, or a greeting card to help brighten someone's day!

Merry Christmas to all...

from our home to yours.

See you again soon!