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Meet The Artist
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Friday, May 31, 2013

Tea Teasers...

Ooooohhhhhh, my head is filled with visions of polka dot tea cups and oversized hats.....

Fluffy frosted pastries, linens, banners, bows

And frilly placemats!

I shall jot down my ideas in my journal each day.

Starting Summer school this morning,

Not much time to play. (Whine, whine).



It's not all bad, really, it's not.

Half days only and Fridays off (after today)!

I must confess, I so love having the spending money.

Hey! How about another tutorial soon? Maybe we should draw a teacup together...

And paint it too?!!!!

Coming soon!

Have a blessed day!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Join Us For Tea?

I received a very special invitation today!
You are also invited.
It's been awhile... But I can still remember the fun that I had! Oh, my! I must start planning and pondering for the event. Everything must be just perfect, you see!
I have moved many times and many of my belongings remain in boxes...
But wait!
I think that I can locate that dress that I wore... Way back then.
Upstairs, downstairs, and to each room I peek. Ah ha!
My little vintage train case ( once belonging to my mother)!

Oh yes! Oh yes!!!!
I see that dress...
And also the tea set in which I had used!!!

I touch each piece, with a smile on my face. Finding lost treasures takes me back in time.

Yes, it's that time again and I am so grateful that my life is now settled and complete.
I will be a newlywed when this event rolls around!
I can unpack all of my lovely things, enjoy them again...
And plan such events with friends in blogland! Won't you join us too?

Vanessa is a wonderful hostess!
Can you believe that this is her 6th annual Mad Tea Party?!!!
I have attended two.
Here are a few photos from the past-

I do believe that I served a gypsy tea that year.
I get so excited preparing for this date!
What pastries do I serve up, what guests will be there...
Don't be late, don't be late!!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Are Mermaids Real?

I saw it on the tv last night... And the night before.

Reported sightings of them. Some captured pictures, others had short video clips of this creature with webbed hands, a long fish-like tail...

A human-like torso and skull.

Supposedly, a body had also washed up to shore, having all of these same features...

And supposedly, the government has stepped in to keep this hush hush.


I like to believe that mermaids ARE real.

I keep them alive in my art and with some pretty trinkets that I have collected through the years. I've always loved all things mermaid!

When I paint the mermaid, I prefer to use several colors...

Soft and subtle. Sometimes sparkling colors. Twinkle, twinkle. Happy glow!


What do you believe?

Please, share.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello, out there!

I type to you from my patio paradise! Oh, don't you just love, love, love Summer?!!!

I find much inspiration, right here.


Paul and I have been working in our gardens. One particular garden has been named, "The Rock Garden". It's on a slope, along a side of the house. We went shopping for the perfect plants and bushes...

But then something fabulous captured my full attention! PINK.....

Oh, yes!!!! I had to have a pair of those retro plastic, pink flamingos!

I couldn't wait to add them to a page in my Molskine art journal!

Of course, I like to color coordinate. Can't have a pair of pink flamingos without PINK flowers, don't you agree?

The rose bush that we planted, my very first Summer here, is also blooming pink! Yay!

We both really enjoy our patio.

Inspiration does come when we travel too. I quickly did another page in my journal...

Arkansas trip, Memorial Day weekend 2013.

Enjoy your day!


Monday, May 27, 2013

A Cabin... And The Woods!

For days I have been in my "art world"... Painting and painting. One commission piece getting closer to being completed, another just started. It's been pure bliss, but I'm so very anxious to play with some new art supplies. (I feel guilty if I goof off too much when I have people paying me to paint for them)! Oh, sigh. The new toys shall wait.

I still have more layers to lay down, but it will be ready to ship this week. I must soften the sky and add colorful wild flowers to the foreground. It's not to look realistic, but instead, "my storybook style", the buyer said to me. I'd really like to add twinkling stars to the sky and fill the entire foreground with mushrooms... Hmmm.

With time consuming pieces, one must walk away from it for awhile. Well, my sweetheart told me to pack a bag! We left town for a couple of days!

It has been lovely.

Our first night was spent in a beautiful casino hotel. Pampered, pampered, pampered. Then, on to Arkansas to ride the Polaris RZR deep in the woods, where we explore and snap pretty pictures. (And sleep in unknown places, without pampering services).


We stumbled upon this abandoned shed. Open fields surround us. Not a soul in sight.

I can't get enough. I'm on the ground, clicking away with my camera when HE sneaks up. "Baby"!, HE says (trying to get me away from the camera). I stop. I look up at him. He has picked beautiful flowers for me!!!! ( I quickly snap a pic while I'm still on the ground). I love capturing these precious moments!

I then ask him to take my picture, while holding the flowers!

We left the flowers behind, just as you see...

We took with us, some wonderful memories and great photos.

Yes, I walked away from my painting!

Back home now, after I enjoy our garden and this Memorial Day holiday, I will return to the art studio again.

Blessings to you all and thank you to our troops!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

From The Country... Art Journal Catch Up.

Hello out there!!!!

Oh, what a slice of Heaven it is, to be on Summer break! It's nice to wake up each morning, knowing that I can do anything that I desire... However, I do have some commission work to tend to (more on that in another post). I bounce out of bed bright and early, eager to play! Of course, even this requires coffee.

I did spend the first hour or so adding another layer of paint to a commission painting, but then I decided to catch up on some art journaling.

Do you recall the rooster journal entry? Well, I didn't use an entire page for the entry and I just cannot bring myself to waste any space in my art journals...

So, I did this-

I started journaling on the same page as the silly rooster entry, and spilled over onto the following page.

I like!


I'm so picky about my journals. I didn't want to start any new entries until I documented our Florida vacation! I like order and sequence.

Now that we are back home, we are working on our patio to create our own tropical paradise. Our patio bar has been completed. We pick up the quartz countertop Friday! The bar will also be a wonderful work station for me. We purchased some large tropical plants and pots over the weekend!

A little at a time.

That's okay. We have the rest of our lives here, together!

I must dash for now and get the chicken outside, and on the grill!

I shall return very soon!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bright, Bold, Summer Colors!

Is it just me...

Or do you also get excited when you are surrounded by COLOR? I can hardly contain myself! I start snapping pictures, dashing from one bright color to the next! My head starts spinning, thinking about the colors on a canvas or in a future project. I returned home from Florida, feeling so inspired by colors!

Beautiful art displays throughout the Hyatt hotel really caught my eye. I even snapped a pic of the artist information, but unfortunately, the pic is nowhere to be found now so I cannot provide proper credit. So sorry.

I would pass by these displays daily during our stay. I would stop and take it all in. I feel sad for people who rush through life and never really stop to look at things. I observe everything. Rocks, flowers, textures, colors! I may never see that object or place ever again. I like to touch and smell!

Disneyworld is full of color and inspiration! (Disneyland in California is wonderful too... and will always be my magical place)!

Oh, so colorful tree flags at "Animal Kingdom". I love the Lion King movie. I cried. Then smiled! It's such a heartwarming show.


The last photo is from Epcott. Along with colorful inspiration, I also enjoyed the quick trips through several different countries!

So. What will I do with all of this color inspiration?

Well, the fantastic news is...

I now have the entire Summer to to dabble in many projects! Yesterday was the last day of school!!!! Working in a High school and being surrounded by graduating seniors, I felt as if I also graduated from school! At last, some time to rejuvenate, feel the sun on my skin, rest, think, slow down and observe even more! Today my sweetheart and I are taking a day trip to celebrate Summer! We are working on our patio (and even considering the purchase of a hot tub)... So we are going to shop for plants, pots, and colorful decor! He has also promised me a trip to a Barnes and Noble for some new art books and magazines! I want to do everything!!!! Paint, learn more about pastels, read, work in the garden and eat home grown salads!

Let the Summer vacation begin...

And surround myself in bright COLORS each and every Summer day!

Blessings to you!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Florida Vacation!

We have been away...

For some much needed rest and relaxation, but mostly... Some sunshine! Oh my, it has been a long Winter here in Kansas. I need to see COLOR. For too long, Kansas has been grey.

Off to Florida we went!

We stayed at this beautiful Hyatt Regency resort hotel.

Of course we experienced days of magic at the Disney parks! I can't possibly share every photo. ( I took over 300 pics)!

We saw love under the stars...

Palm trees dancing with the cool breeze.

We enjoyed quiet evenings with my family on the patio.

I tasted coffee from every restaurant!

A day at Cocoa beach provided me with a sun kissed glow.

Thanks, dad and mom!!!!!

I love you so!

Now back home...

One more week of work and then 10 days off before I begin working Summer school. ( I had not planned on working at all this Summer, but it was offered to me and I just could not turn down an elementary position)!

So much more to look forward to. Our June wedding and more family time.... And the entire month of July to play, not work!!!! Many creative ideas in my head and more sights to see!

No more grey. Kansas is green again, the sun brightly shines, and our garden is growing!

It's always nice to return home after a vacation.

Until next time...