Meet The Artist

Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Where I should Be...

On this Halloween day, 2011...
I feel happy and excited about this new life, this new journey!
I find myself baking and cooking again, seeking out new recipes. I'm also working with children again, as a substitute. Hopefully, it will lead into full time employment.
Although I was not looking...
love also found me, so naturally, this makes everything better, especially the holidays!
In all honesty, after my painful divorce, I had no interest in sharing my life with someone again. At my age, I am truly okay with finishing out the last life chapters, solo. That was my plan.
I guess it's true-
when we are not looking for something, it finds us.
My creativity is also returning back to me. A big cause for celebration, since creativity is a huge part of who I am.
Today I am inspired by not only the warm feelings, but by the beautiful, earthy colors of Fall.
He and I picked out some pumpkins for the home! Today I studied them. The texture, the shape. They are perfect pumpkins indeed! After the observation and some quick photos...
I was painting.
For now, I do believe that I am where I should be!
Happy Halloween to all!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Cold, Fall morning...

 The weather man warned us of a much colder day today. The howling winds beating against the bedroom windows were just a sampling of what was to come. As any morning, I sipped on some extra bold coffee... but still could not warm my body, let alone, begin a productive day. So, after the coffee, I made some hot Chai tea and put on some very thick, wool socks!
 I had NO desire to go beyond the doors!
 In Kansas, wind is common. We grow used to it. This doesn't mean that we like the wind! It makes for a colder Fall and Winter. Just a few days ago, this tree was full of blazing orange leaves. Well, the recent wind swooped up all of the leaves.... and dropped them onto the ground to simply dry up and crumble.
Yes, I am grateful to stay INSIDE on this day!
I got out my watercolors.
 A tiny, red Cardinal came to life.
My body felt warmer.
I was content.
My life is fulfilling again. I smile as I paint.
Another ornament completed!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Holiday JOY!

 After yet another move, I'm starting to feel my creativity coming back to me! Yay! Although I do not have an art studio to work out of, I have made other gains in this new life! The rest will eventually fall into place... at least I hope.
The holidays will be wonderful this year and I have been making some ornaments. The first attempt at art since I left Maryland. I first painted the frames white, allowing imperfections because I want them to look old and distressed. Now I have one dozen of ornate frame ornaments... and every one of them will hold a tiny, original painting! This serves me well because I need to get back into my art groove!
 I think that I will do a variety. Birds, ladies, possibly even some sweet tea cups and cup cakes!
The ornaments may be hung on a tree or a doorknob... all year long, if you so desire!
Yes, it feels nice to be creating again. I have much more news to share, and I will very soon, however, it's time I put the laptop away and focus on other things.
Take a closer look at the new ornaments over in my etsy shop!
Wishing you a great evening!