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Meet The Artist
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Tubas and the Blues...

Helloooooo, out there!

Just a real quick blog post. This sickness in our house has worsened! We sit here with our tissue boxes, sneezing, coughing... Hoping that tomorrow will be better. It was a terribly long day at work. My Monday mornings begin with a band class... 75 students beating on drums, blowing trumpets and tubas. Wonderful kids, indeed...

But some days the head can only take so much noise!

I am fortunate to have time at work to dabble in my sketchbook. It's great for stress!

I have no zest to complete this journal entry. It just might remain this way- very blue.

It certainly reveals my true state of mind right now. Overloaded with the Winter blues. Cold. Heavy.

I know that all will be perfect again once we rid of this nasty virus. Yes, it will be!!! Can't wait!!!

That's all I have for today!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Where Is Spring?

As my Spring break comes to an end, I realize that I have not done much in the way of art, and I'm okay with that. I have all Summer long to paint and play! It's been a wonderful, relaxing break. Much needed.

I spent one morning decorating our home for Easter!

Oh, how I adore these soft, Spring colors...

Bunnies, eggs, and magical mini scenes!

I remember making this tiny shadow box, one evening, with two of my girly friends in Dodge City! Oh, how we laughed and had such a great time! I do miss those friends, indeed!

Just after I danced around the house, joyfully putting the Easter decorations out ...

My sweetheart came home sick, with a cold.

I spent much time cooking.... Making soups and stews, in hopes to get him well.

Yesterday I treated him to a lovely day date!

Although we are not gamblers...

Once in a great while we like to eat at the nearby casino. He played a game... And I was so happy to see sick boy smile again!

Coffee and hot cocoa for starters.

But the desserts are one of our favorite things about the casino buffet! We sample nearly all!!!!

After our outing we were back in our cozy nest. Napping. I love naps!

No regrets over a lazy Spring break. Especially now that I am sick with that dreadful cold! We are sick together....

It's been kinda fun! We take care of one another!

This crazy "Spring" weather.

Today we have SNOW!

It's so pretty...

But where is Spring?

Blessings to all!


Sunday, March 17, 2013




I am officially on Spring Break! It couldn't have come at a better time. My body is tired and my mind is on overload. So much to plan for, so much to do! ( I will also enjoy doing nothing at times)! Of course, I will paint...

Whether it be in watercolor, pastels, acrylics... There WILL be time for painting, and art journaling!

Last week we took a little country drive, out to the ranch, where we will soon be married. We gave Paul's mother and stepfather a grand tour! They were quite impressed and looking forward to sleeping in " The Floral Room". It is lovely... Decorated in birdhouses. The walls are painted in a Robin's egg color.

We took MORE pics! I adore these rustic swings, located on the property! On this day, we savored the 70 degree temperature.

Although today has been a cool, rainy day...

It's been so nice to just be at home.

Hello, Spring Break!



Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Glimpse of Spring...

The wind is howling outside. It was a cold, dreary day here in Eastern Kansas. Sigh. I long for Spring and Summer. I can think about it...

I can also paint Spring to help hold me over. Today I added more layers and some green to my first pastel painting. Oh, I am loving these soft pastels! I am indeed, going to add to my collection!!! I want mounds of colors!

Practice, practice, practice. I shall practice all Summer long! And...

Possibly some next week! I will enjoy a taste of Spring come Friday! Why? Because once that work day is completed, I will officially be on Spring break! And that's not all. Would you believe that we are expected to have 70 degree temperatures here? Joy, joy, joy! So much to be excited about! Not only an art-filled week off from work, but I may also have a visitor for a few days! She is one of my dearest and best friends since seventh grade! (Many years ago). You may remember her from an October post. Yes, Lori may come and play for awhile!

I have been playing in color again today. I am not proud of the painting, but it's all about becoming acquainted with these new pastels, right? I think that I can bring it out of this ugly stage in time. I will continue to add more color, texture, layers...

And have fun doing it!

The colors are amazing! Yes, I DO need more pink sticks, purple sticks, blue and green too!!!!! These things are addictive and I want more than just a few!

Hurry up, Spring!

I have been putting out some Easter decorations around the home. Eggs and bunnies make me smile!

Until next time!



Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pastels & Plans...

I'm still here!

I have just been crazy busy. Today is lovely! We have enjoyed a beautiful rain all day! My sweetheart and I were up and out of the house by 8:30 am. I was on a mission...

Today I was determined to try my hand at something new. Painting with pastels! This meant that I would need some new art supplies! I wanted nice, soft pastels that would go down smoothly, not gritty. My shopping experience was very successful and of course, I also purchased the proper pastel paper and fixative. After a huge, Mexican lunch and an afternoon nap with even a little thunder in the background ( perfect napping weather)... I played with my new soft pastels for the first time.

It's not easy... Nor is this a pleasing painting, however, I had a blast! I can already see myself this Summer, with my art easel out on the patio... Dust everywhere... Enjoying life! I so want to master this medium!

I ended up buying a set of Set of Sennelier brand soft pastels, half sticks. I am very happy with them. They are creamy, "buttery". Down the road, if I discover that I love pastels as much as I do watercolors, I will then purchase a variety of sticks and build my collection... But for now, these are wonderful for me!

I also added a set of Nupastels to my shopping cart. These are a harder pastel stick. Oh, what fun today is!

I feel so relaxed.

In addition to work, Paul and I have been making our wedding plans! Although we are keeping it very informal with only immediate family members in attendance, we have set a date for June, and last weekend we put a deposit down on our wedding site!

Last Summer we stumbled upon this magical place, hidden in the woods. We did not see any " no trespassing" signs, so we drove our Polaris RzR through the gate, down the long, dirt rode. It was absolutely beautiful. A barn, old tire swings hanging from a few trees, twinkling lights strung along a fence, a daisy field with an arch that would be perfect for a wedding ceremony! (We both had commented just how perfect this would be... But at that time, we were not even discussing marriage, although I think that we secretly knew).

As it turned out, The Circle S Ranch & Country Inn has been the site for many weddings, receptions, weekend retreats, and events!

A few weeks ago, Paul called the ranch to enquire about OUR wedding. Sadly, they were fully booked this Summer, and they require a minimum of 100 guests for a wedding ceremony. This just would not work for us.

Well, last week we were contacted by the Circle S Ranch. They had a Summer cancelation and could possibly accommodate us.

We will be getting married at our magical place and have rooms reserved for not only ourselves, but for all of our family members as well! We will spend all day and an evening on the ranch, with our loved ones!!!!

We will all dine here... Steaks and grilled salmon on the menu.

There will be fishing, hiking, and a Bon fire before bed. One may even decide to book a massage or a spa treatment!

Some may choose to simply sit by a fire in the "lobby".

We are so excited! For us, the most important part of our special day, is to be able to share it with our family. It will be more like a mini vacation.... And everyone needs that!

I'm counting down the days...

After next week, I will be on Spring break....

And then in just about 2 more months I have a fabulous Summer to look forward to!!!

Happy, happy happy!