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Meet The Artist
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Monday, December 30, 2013

To Chalk Things Up...

Hello, my friends!

I haven't much to write about today, my apologies. I have been enjoying extra time with my love since he has been home more due to the holidays. It's been so nice! On Saturday night night I put on my cool new boots...

(A Christmas gift from hubby), and we went out! We tried the new Chineses restaurant, here in our prairie town. We were very pleased, and our usual comment after the meal was, "I hope that they can stay in business". Sadly, in small towns such as ours, businesses and restaurants come and go quickly.

Ok. So... What gift did I give to him for Christmas?.....

Ta Da!

I gave him a set of three canvas wedding prints!


It was also my way of ridding of the hideous wall decor that has been hanging on the walls ever since I moved here.

Friends, that's another story all in itself.

Another gift from hubby was this amazing globe light for my studio! He got it hung for me.

My work table is loaded down again with a variety of of projects...

I've been dabbling in Bombay Inks, my art journal, and clay.

I can't seem to put they clay down lately! Funny, I go through these stages. A few months back it was basket weaving... Every single evening! I never get bored in my world. If I do get a bit restless, I switch to other supplies in my play room!

Watercolor and my art journaling are just a part of me. I do and prefer these nearly daily, like taking vitamins. It's routine.

I'm currently working on two secret projects that I'll show in a future blog post!

Much snacking and movie watching around here lately! The most delightful cheese balls and pita chips...

along with some scary movies that even made hubby squeal a time or two!

I'm also playing with chalkboards. He and I are designing a large, vintage style chalkboard for the kitchen...

But until then, my tiny board is nice to practice with...

And to wish YOU and your loved ones a Happy New Year!!!!!

Embrace 2014.



Thursday, December 26, 2013

Visions of Sugarplums Danced in Her Head...

Hello, my friends!

I do hope that you had a wonderful Christmas!

Ours was very different this year since we did not travel or have time with our families. We stayed home, just the two of us....

Watching movies, snacking, sipping our usual java. It was quiet.

My family will celebrate Christmas in January, here in our home. We are very much looking forward to that!

I still felt the Christmas spirit, despite the fact that I wasn't with family...

A holiday ham has served us several yummy meals, gingerbread men were all gobbled up, and Christmas lights are turned on each morning and bounce off of the walls through the night. Visions of sugarplums have danced in our heads.

Much clay sculpting while sitting here in our recliners!

Joy, joy, joy!

Hubby even helped me "frost" more faux cupcakes. He likes being needed!

Aren't these kissing bunnies adorable?!!!

I made only one. It was very involved.... But oh, so worth it!

The creative ideas just kept on coming as we sat through Christmas... eating popcorn and chocolates (in addition to the ham and the home baked treats from a neighbor).

I thought to myself, "Alice In Wonderland"!!! I want to do a series of Wonderland sculptures!

So, let me introduce to you, the very first in the series...

The white rabbit titled, "Sweet Wonderland". There are only seven available. Love the gift box in which each one comes with! (I ship anywhere in the United States, message me if interested).

I've really had fun creating these!

Are you ready to ring in the new year?

I'm ready!!!

Remember, I'm posting frequent studio updates and photos on my "Missy Trent Art & Offerings" Facebook page! I do hope that you'll drop by and give me a "like"!!!

Stay warm, darlings!

I'll see you again very soon!


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all...

and to all a good night!


I will see you tomorrow, right here!



Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sweetness in December...

Hello, and a ho, ho, ho!

Just a couple of days, my friends!!!

Are you ready?

We have already begun to celebrate Christmas here in our prairie home!

Look what we woke up to this morning...


Beautiful and pure white snow!

I chose to stay inside today, however, hubby was just itching to get out in it and play!

Inside- the smell of the wood burning stove, along with gingerbread.


I made gingerbread cookies and had so much fun!

Adding the icing and faces was my most favorite part!

Oh!!! The book in the one photo! Have you read it? I absolutely love that book and long to start a Christmas cookie club here in my little community. If you've not read, "The Christmas Cookie Club"... Please do!!!

No boys allowed in my cookie club! Of course, I will never deny him the sweet treats that he so desires.

He loved his gingers!


I prefer photographing the little fellas over eating them! I used my instant camera to take a credit card size picture...

For my art journal! Just perfect, don't you think?

So much sweetness this time of year. My husband received a box of fine chocolates from one of his customers. Aren't they fabulous?!!!


I couldn't resist eating one. Just one...

and I must tell you that it tasted even better than it looks! Yes, indeed!

Aside from dark chocolate, my favorite candy are these. Black licorice and sugary sweetness together. Paul put a bag in my stocking...

But they are now gone! We snacked last night! These, in the photograph, are clay. I'm making them for my cupcake sculptures. See...

Cuteness, eh?

I'm still working on cupcakes, various themes.

There are many projects sitting on my work table.

I jump from one to the other!


As promised, I will leave you with a pic of my new hair!

I may go even darker on the ends yet. It's nice for a change!

Enjoying lazy days here, leading up to Christmas. I do hope that you are as well, and able to share time with loved ones.




Saturday, December 21, 2013

Journal Love in December...

Hello, dear ones!

Why am I wide awake at 3:30 am? I've come to the conclusion that it's just all of the excitement of Christmas that has me joyfully jumping out of bed at these odd times! Hubby and I both get like this when we are looking forward to an event! Seriously, we are like a couple of small children!

Oh well. It's a lovely time to blog. Ya know...

Dark outside. So peaceful. Lights around the prairie home project a warm, golden glow.


Reflections in the windows.

Rumor has it that a big snow storm will be making its way to us this evening. We are excited about this as well!

Hubby wants to ride his Polaris RZR on our land, through the snow.

I'm content with some hot java and journal love. Always.

Boys. He loves his toys...

and I adore mine.

I'm going to make gingerbread men cookies this weekend! I picked up all of the trimmings at the store- spice drops, red hots, and cookie icing in red, white, and green. Oh, how fun!

I'm sure that I will discover a few with missing limbs. It happens in our home. Crumbs on the counter tops, cakes and cookies mysteriously vanish. Hmmmmm.

He makes me smile!


These are one day, Christmas memories for us.

A huge reason why I journal.

I want to savor every moment.

Wishing you all warm hearts!



Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pink, Pink, & Pink!

Hello, dear readers!

How are things in your world?

All is going well from my little corner of the universe! Hubby and I are both experiencing something odd. We have been waking up at strange times- anywhere between 2:00 am to 4:00 am. Our eyes just pop open and we are wide awake! He prefers to brew his coffee, sip a cup and watch tv until he feels that he can sleep for another hour or two. I usually get up, brew my coffee (we each have our own coffee pot), read my favorite creative blogs and then head to my art studio for some painting.

Funny. When I was employed, I would become so frustrated if my sleep was interrupted. Now that I'm able to work from home, I welcome creativity at any time...

Even 3:00 am.

I'm on a "pink" kick, or so it seems. Pink dresses on a ornaments and a 4"x4" canvas. Texture. Lots of texture.

Tiny cupcakes sculpted from clay! Although ornament sales have really slowed down, I still sold one of these the very day that I completed them! I'm going to continue to make ornaments because I love it so!!!

Ornaments do not have to be just for Christmas. I think that they look cute just hanging on a wall or from a shelf peg. They also make wonderful "gift tags" on packages! These are a very nice size.

Hey! I did something brave yesterday!!!

I'll give you a hint...

I promise to show you the "after" pics soon. I'm pleased with it and it was kind of my way of celebrating life as an artist!

Don't you just love our local hair salon? Just look at that old brick. The floors are all wood, and yes, the building itself is very old. Sissy is my hair stylist and she is also one of the very first people whom I became acquainted with when I moved to this little community. She's a doll! Love her!

Ok. That's all that I have for now but I will return soon!

Good day to you!!!