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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

A new backpack...

Hello, hello!

It happens about this time each year.

My urge to be outdoors and to explore excites me beyond words!

And, because when we do take more road trips throughout the Summer and the journeys are always very unpredictable, I need to carry a lot of stuff...

On my back.

Yes, I prefer a backpack during these warm months, spent outside. Backpacks, I find, free up my arms so that I may snap photos or shop with ease. I can carry a jacket in my backpack, a bottle of water, a book, my camera, my art journal. They are a must for me and this year, I decided that it was time for a new one!

I chose a backpack from Sakroots, along with a matching crossbody cell phone bag with a removable strap. (These are great for keeping in a backpack and removing for quick trips into the convenience store or a restaurant).

Can you tell that I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of these purchases?

On this quiet Sunday night, I'm enjoying some bonding time with my watercolors and art journal.

It's been a very laid back weekend. I even started a new book!

I hope that your weekend has been peaceful.

I would love to hear all about it in the comments!




Thursday, May 19, 2016

Laundry...and such.

Hello, friends!

I have just returned back home after another weekend road trip and event!

My nephew graduated from high school and of course, we wanted to be there, in my home town, to cheer him on as he walked across the stage and accepted his diploma.

It was a busy, busy weekend with several graduation parties, picture snapping and cake eating. (Oops).

Yes, I am now back on my routine of "clean eating"...

And the treadmill.

Honestly, I still have not found much time for art but I am enjoying playing "miss photographer" and being outdoors...

Along with laundry and such.

It is oh, so lovely on the prairie right now and I do not want to miss out on a single bloom!

I even picked some wild daisies yesterday morning and placed them in the old bottles that my dad gave to my while I was back home. As a child, I remember him often digging the earth to find such treasures...

And now they have become my treasures.

I will cherish them!

Enjoy the photos!

See you soon!



Friday, May 6, 2016

The feather...

I haven't a story to tell you today.

All that I have is a feather.

The passing of a dear friend's brother just last night was heavy on my mind all day.

I painted feathers on sympathy cards...

and this one in my art journal.

I let the watercolors run...

Which to me, represented tear drops.

He was only a couple of years ahead of me and was often in our teenage business, as big brothers are.

Back then, we were quite annoyed.

My heart aches for my friend and her other siblings.

Art always puts things into perspective for me.

Life is short and should be cherished every single day.

I ended today with the final chapter of a book...

On the patio.

Admiring the sky and the sound of the wind chimes.

Peace to all!



Thursday, May 5, 2016

That moment...

Today I had that moment.

I started the day with too much thinking. You know... making mental notes on what needed to get done today. I would then go to my paper list and write it down.

After two cups of coffee and a shower. No treadmill.

I was out the door.

I did my to do's and scurried back home. The sun was beaming and the temperature was perfect! A calm breeze was the cherry on top!

It was that moment when I made the decision that the remainder of the day would be spent enjoying time outdoors, doing some art, exploring nature, snapping photos, watching the fish and frogs in our pond. Oh yes!

I needed to PLAY!

Of course, I encountered a few unexpected surprises such as a new, large turtle living in our pond...

and a fluffy bumble bee sucking sweetness from my Alliums.

After roaming the prairie, I brewed a pot of late afternoon Java and dug out some old, but much loved art supplies. With the Neo watercolor crayons, I loosely painted this little girl. (Which is the age that I felt in these moments of freedom)!


I really needed a day like today.

How do you take care of yourself?

I do hope that you discover your moments to simply play!

Talk soon!



Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Traveling Twist...

Home Sweet Home!

I find myself whispering these words,under my breath, often this week!

A trip to visit my now 50 year old friend, Lori, turned out to be a 9 day journey to 2 different cities in Kansas...

and not really knowing exactly when I would be returning back home since I was a passenger!

We will start the story in Wichita, Kansas.


Once I arrived at Lori's house, we did not waste any time in starting on the huge, wood photo booth bus for her hippie themed 50th birthday party!

We painted for two days, on her patio. We had sunshine, we had a few patches of grey, overcast skies. We had 70's music playing.

We had wonderful grilled meals, along with oh so pretty salads.

We had fun and good conversation.

Once the project was completed, we did get out to a few shops in Old Town.

I did not get to stay for the big birthday bash.

My uncle passed away...

So on to my home town I went to attend the funeral service and to enjoy time with my family.

I absolutely love hanging out with my parents!

We spent a couple of days exploring small surrounding towns, visiting antique malls and shops. We dined out, visited friends. Found serenity and I always find a new appreciation for the landmarks that I passed nearly daily for 45 years... but never really observed.

It's the little things and this place, these people...

Will always be "home" also.

Home sweet home.

Back in my own bed at night, loving our newly remodeled kitchen and living room!

Trying to get our home clean now and re-decorated has been my primary focus. Laundry, grocery shopping too!

My wonderful hubby and I catch up over coffee and food from "The Waffle House" on a cold, rainy night in between errands.

I am trying to get back into my routine, but have committed to some substituting at school. (Now just wishing to be done with that because I need my quiet, creative lifestyle more so).

I know me.

I long to just journal with a cup of tea.

No commitments for awhile.


Very soon.

I hope that you are loving life!

Until next time,