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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

No Rhyme or Reason...

I'm seeing them everywhere lately...

On shirts, home decor, on bags, jewelry. Don't you just love the colors? I am especially fond of purple, blue, and green together, and use these colors often in my art...

And without any rhyme or reason, I just started painting a peacock in my art journal!

The page is not finished. I may add journaling, words, or possibly more peacocks. I just don't know. Nor does it matter. It makes me smile just seeing these beautiful colors!

Happy Thursday!!!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Girls' Day Out...

I stopped by the grocery store today after work and picked up supper...

Straight from the deli. This girl was not cooking tonight! I was on a mission: to do absolutely nothing but play in my art journal, read my current book, and remain warm and cozy beneath a blanket!

I reflected on the weekend and the wonderful time spent with Lisa. I always save space on my pages so that I can write all about these life events after the painting is completed. I like to add the simple details, like what we ordered off of the menu, what we saw throughout the day, which shops were our favorites! This is how I journal. One day... When I'm too old to leave the house... I can dig out all of my old journals and re-live my life!

It was another quick process because I did want to allow myself time to add the journaling... And to read a little before bed.

I shall return again soon! Xo


Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Life...

I have not had any art time! This makes me feel a little out of whack! It's been a wonderful weekend, just one that left me with no solitude time for painting. Sigh. It's life and I must try to be a normal person too, right?


We had a guest this weekend. I also had an all day shopping date with my girly friend, Lisa! Oh, what fun it was! We get silly...

We buy hats.

We sip a vente' size Starbuck's latte and share our stories. We try on clothes. I arrived back home at about 8:00 pm... With some cute, new goods and a way cool camera/ iPad messenger bag! Oh, and the hats! Three new hats for me! Giggle, giggle! Thank you, Lisa, for the lovely outing!

Meals with our house guest left me happy and full. Grateful.... That I adore him. (Paul's dad). He left late Sunday afternoon.

Today I had to attend inservice for my work...

But I made several trips outside this morning to capture the beautiful sunrise! Oh, my.... A 12 degree day here left me cold all day long! The pictures were worth the chill!


At last...

I am back home. It's quiet here.... But I was too tired to paint after the go, go weekend!

It's life, and a happy one it is. It's a balanced life with a little bit of everything...

Even a quick, 20 minute painting before supper and bed! I just could not stand not getting out my paints!

Tonight I played with tubes.

Seriously, just 20 minutes. It's all that I have for now, so she's a tad bit sloppy!

Sweet dreams to all!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Never Enough Time....

Today I feel as if I just haven't had enough time this week to accomplish all that I wanted to. Rush, rush, rush. I did get to work in my art journal today during my after school art club! That's always nice...

To sit with the students, who also love art, and listen to their conversations... And to see them so happy in their own art projects. Great atmosphere!

Once I was done with my work day and art club, I rushed home to catch the sun going down...

Grabbed the new camera and snapped these pics! Loving the Sony NEX 5r, and the touch screen rocks!!!!



Gotta dash for now! See you again soon!




Monday, January 14, 2013

A Quick Post!

Just a real quick blog post tonight...

It's been a tiring Monday!

Once home from work, I added some flowers to my painting. I'm in no hurry to finish, so I decided that I really wasn't "feeling it", and have set her aside for now.

The coffee sure tasted fabulous, and I wanted to read... And unwind a bit.

I did snap some photos of the beautiful, country sunset from our backyard. Ooooooh, how fun it was! I was disappointed to discover a spot on my new Sony lens.... But it's all fixed now! Yay!!!!

I hope that you are appreciating some beauty where you are! Goodnight for now! Zzzzzzzz


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday ramblings... and shots!

It's still so cold here!

I woke up to frosty windows.

The sun was just coming up, and oh, how I had hoped that it would brighten the skies all day long...

But, it didn't happen. I enjoyed what little of it that I could during the wee hours of the morning. I grabbed my new Sony NEX camera and captured these few pics.

For now, I'm shooting only in the automatic mode, and without a flash. I want to simply get the feel of the camera. So far, I'm very pleased! I have taken many pictures, all very vibrant.... And I love the way the camera goes "clickity-click"! I will really have fun with it once the weather warms up but until then... Well, let's just say I quickly snapped these pics and then dashed back inside to my cup of coffee... Candle light, warmth, and art.

(All of the pictures above were shot with Sony NEX 5r).

I started this new painting today. She's nowhere near completed yet. I have some ideas about the background and still have more layers of watercolor to lay out.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this three day weekend and dabbled in all of my hobbies and interests!!! I am so passionate about life these days, and a very good life I have been blessed with. Paul and I are the best of friends... Even making scrambled eggs together is pure bliss! We did just that this morning and then remained, all cozy inside the entire day!

Sometimes we slip out for a dessert date...

Yes. That's my dish and I ate it all up! Life is sweet!

I'm rambling...

I shall close here.

Until next time...


Friday, January 11, 2013

Looking Forward...

Hellllllooooooooo, out there, and happy weekend!!!!
We all love the weekends, don't we? Mine is super special because it began early! Yes, I had today off! It was so very nice to sleep in until 5:00 am! Giggle, giggle.
I was so excited once I got home from work yesterday, just knowing that I had THREE full days to play. I immediately set up my work space with a large piece of watercolor paper, and lightly sketched out the idea... Circus. I knew that I wanted one of my little gals, enjoying her time eating fluffy, pink cotton candy, at the circus, near a big top tent!
Soon after the pencil work, I started painting, background first. I also added some flesh tones to my little girly.... And then told her "goodnight"! It had been a long day, I was wearing down...
Besides, I had all day Friday, right?!!!!!
And I DID complete the painting today! Yay!!!
I photographed her with a bright, red matt, just to give you an idea as to how she will somewhat look in a frame. Even a green matt would look lovely.
I'm anxious to start on another large painting (when I say large, it means that I am painting on 11" x 14" or 9" x 12" watercolor paper)..... Which is larger than most of my work.
The process reminded me of a puzzle. You know, it takes time and patience, yet it is great fun. You leave it out on the table and look forward to returning, where you left off. You want to complete it.... But then again, know than once it is done, you must find a new puzzle/ project to work on. I think that we always want something to look forward to! At least I know that I do!
Oh, yes... Another thing that I have been looking forward to, and saving my money for, is a new camera that best suits the active, yet creative lifestyle that both Paul & I share. I decided that the standard DSLR camera and additional lenses was just too much weight and bulk for me to lug around on our adventures! After much online searching and reading, it was a no brainer for me. First, I have always been a Sony fan! Every Sony point and shoot camera that I have owned, has been wonderful, so when the Sony NEX cameras were introduced, that sparked my interest. I waited... And pondered. I'm glad that I took so long to make my final decision because tonight when I went into the store to part with my money, I left with a Sony NEX 5 rk and an extra 55-210 lens... With no doubts whatsoever! As the camera battery charges, I'm even changing into a very small and comfortable camera backpack! Oh, how nice this will be... Traveling extremely light!
Pictures to come!
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

Monday, January 7, 2013

We Love Holidays!

Why is it that the weekends seem to end so quickly? I wore my pouty face last night because I knew that I had to get to bed. Back to work. But I had more painting to do... and another fabulous book to read, by author, Mary Kay Andrews. (My fourth)! If I knew how to use the link function in this new blogging app, I would link you to her website... (Another task that I could have completed last night: learn to link, if only I could have stayed up late)! Just type her name into your browser and enjoy! I love her style!

It was, however, a wonderful weekend, as always. For a gal who has never looked forward to Valentine's Day...

Well, let's just say that the holiday of love may not be so dreadful after all, in fact, this year I am actually participating in all of the hoopla!

I'm painting little love notes.

My sweetie surprised me with all sorts of Valentine decorations.... glittery hearts in pink and red. Big ones, little ones... "Baby, look what I got for you", he said!

Hmmm. My eyes widened and my mind began wandering. Oh, what would I do with all of these lovely sparkling hearts?

Uh oh, I thought. I did have a bit of a problem, you see. I refuse to take down the Christmas tree. I like seeing the lights glow every morning and night. I'm just not ready to say goodbye to our tree, but how then, can I decorate for two holidays at the same time?


We do have a smaller tree. So, I removed all of the Christmas ornaments from the small, woodland tree that stands in the dining room...

And gave it a new look!

We now have a Valentine tree... (With a congrats card from Laura.... Thank you, my friend over at "where the gold bees dream" blog)!

And, a Christmas tree!

Maybe it's not "proper" to have both, but we don't care. Truly, there are no rules in this home! My sweetheart and I are both free spirits! Perfect together.

We love holidays!!!!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pay-It-Forward 2013

I just love social networking and how I can remain connected to most all of my friends and family in one place, even though many of us are miles apart. Last night, one friend posted about a "Pay-It-Forward" game. The first five people to comment on her post would receive a small surprise from her, via mail, within the 2013 calendar year. The catch: if one comments and agrees to play, they too must post the Pay-It-Forward invitation on their page, bringing five others into the game. How fun! I immediately commented and began painting 3" x 7" watercolor bookmarks to send to my five friends. (At that time, not even knowing who would comment).

Soon, I had my first friend. A few minutes after, I had two more! Now I have six...

After all, it's all about giving, right? One comment came just after my fifth and she was so disappointed to have missed out... I added her to my recipients anyway!

It feels so good to paint tiny gifts for others! In knowing that there is not a stressful deadline to meet, makes it quite enjoyable, as creating should be. I will probably get my surprises mailed out just as soon as I complete them... And how exciting it would be to also enclose a special Valentine from me? Perhaps a tiny box of chocolates or a scented sachet? Oh, I can't wait!!!!! Giving fills my heart with such JOY!

Once I have fulfilled my Pay-it-Forward obligations... I may just join in for another round!

Try it!

It will give you such warm and fuzzy feelings!!!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Art Journal Entry- The Ring...

Oh, dear me!

I have too many thoughts and ideas bouncing around in my head! My feet hit the floor at 4:00 am, (on a day that I could sleep in), but I certainly did not mind. I was ready to start the day because today I am a real Princess, sporting my new engagement ring!!! You see, I have not been able to wear it yet. It was not my size.

My sweetheart felt sorry for me and said to the jeweler, "Don't you have a loaner ring that she can wear until she gets her own"? To my surprise, Mr. Jeweler agreed to this and sent me on my way with a fake diamond ring from his display case. This is a true story. It was a pretty ring, and one probably would not even know that it was an imitation diamond ring... But what I did know was that it was not MY engagement ring.

We were able to go pick up my ring last night and then celebrated with a wonderful dinner at our new favorite Chinese buffet! Yes, I had Sushi for the third time this week!

So this morning I couldn't wait to be the first one up so that I could sit by the Christmas tree, in silence...

And take care of some unfinished business.

My watercolor art journal had been waiting for me. I had to stay focused so that I could capture the details of that December 22nd eve.

I was pleased with my painting this morning and would smile when I would see the ring on my finger, creating twinkling little stars with hand movement.

Once I completed my journal entry, I moved right on to the next project... But that will be another story and blog post, of course!

For now, I do believe, that I will burrow beneath the blankets for a Saturday nap.

Stay warm! Xo


Friday, January 4, 2013

What a Girl Needs...

What does a girl need after a January day of work?

Why, first and foremost, she needs to change into her warmest and comfiest clothing...

Which include a pair of furry "house boots". I love my booties.

Next, a fresh pot of coffee.

Then, a few minutes of SILENCE while the coffee is brewing.

It's a ritual for me, and never changes. Only throughout the warmer months, I change into shorts.

Usually, I already have a plan for supper, and my husband-to-be is quite easy to please. Often, we have leftovers on week nights or something that will not keep me in the kitchen most of the evening. Last night I prepared HIS and HERS dishes... Which means that I wanted something different than what I was feeding him! In a recent post I mentioned a new interest.... Sushi. I often eat sushi in restaurants and throughout our travels I have tried some amazing sushi bars. I have observed the entire sushi making process..... Thinking to myself, "I want to do this". Recently, I decided to just DO IT! After some Internet research, a list of the necessary ingredients and a trip to World Market, I was ready to dive in. Last night, this girl needed her sushi fix!

It's very easy to make, and I like to try a variety of ingredients. Make sure that you use sushi rice because regular white rice will not work. Sushi rice is sticky!!!

I have been collecting different sauces. My favorites are the Wasabi and the Hoisin sauce. (Pretty dishes are optional)! Giggle, giggle.

So, he was happy... She was happy.

I also felt the need to see some warm colors on a page because it is cold outside. 28 degrees cold yesterday.

It's a journal page left unfinished, but that's okay because what a girl also needed was sleep...

After a January work day.

Happy Friday to all!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Glorious Mess...

Buzzzzzzzzzzz. 4:00 am.

I need coffee. I allow myself one hour to enjoy it and to wake up. Yes, it's worth sacrificing sleep to have that extra time to myself each morning. I've been doing it for years... Can't even imagine not having that hour to mentally prepare for the work day ahead. I read my email, some blogs... And of course, Facebook!

I am out the door at 6:45 am.

Today, I leave behind my glorious mess!


So many unfinished projects and paintings!

Ok. A tiny sneak peek at those Valentine projects won't hurt. There are oodles of them for up & coming shows. Each one of these sweethearts has her own personality..... We just don't see it yet, but you will get to know them all at a later date.

I must get on my way now...

Down this Wintery, country road.

The day will fly by and soon, I'll be right back in the midst of that oh, so lovely MESS!

Until next time...



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Time & Work...

Today is the last day of my Winter vacation. I must say, it has been a perfect holiday and break from routine! I'm ready to return back to work, feeling very refreshed and fulfilled. I am one who needs balance in my life, and work enhances that.

TIME is always an issue with creative people, and yes, there is less time for art when working a day job. We just have to find new ways to live creatively... Every day. I find that working on smaller pieces during the evening hours, satisfies. I tend to do more art journaling on weekdays. Not only is it art time...

Keeping an art journal is a great way to relieve any stress and unwind from a busy day. Most of my art journaling IS in a "diary form"- (real life, day to day events), so my most genuine feelings seem to be eager to spill out onto the journal pages!

Because one full week of my vacation was spent traveling, I slacked off on my journaling. I was enjoying other creative passions, such as photography, gathering keepsakes (pinecones & pretty rocks from Colorado), and shopping for new art supplies! I'm now documenting some special moments of Christmas in my art journal... Getting ready to return to work mode!


I find inspiration everywhere I am, even at work. Two days out of the week I work in an art class!!!!! LOVE doing High School art all over again!!!! We will begin pottery this semester. I was also asked to work one day out of the week in the art club, after school program. This has been enjoyable.

Ok. I must get this day into full swing! TIME...... I need every hour today!

Enjoy yours!