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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Friday, February 25, 2011


Last night I had completed this piece. I call her, "Rose". I then altered the colors and saturation in Photoshop to give her a vintage look with very dull hues. As I looked at the results over and over again, I realized that her original colors were just too pretty to be tweeked! So, here you have the original "Rose", and actually, the monitor screen shows the colors even brighter than the original piece of art. It's a very soft pencil piece, on Stonehenge art paper. 8"x 8".
Hey! It's Friday!
I woke up to a peaceful rain here in Maryland. I can hear it tapping against the window. The kind of rain that I like....
the kind that brings out the creativity in me!
Happy weekend to all,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Creativity in Annapolis...

Creativity comes to us in so many different ways...we just have to use it. I hear so many people say, "I wish that I were creative". Well, you are. You just have not discovered how to use yours yet.
You don't have to know how to paint a picture, sketch, or put together a collage. If you ENJOY doing these things, then DO IT. Art is supposed to feel good...there are no rules in art, and no one is pressuring you to become a Picasso!
Do not critique your art or creativity. Instead, admire the beautiful colors or the textures of the paper or canvas. If you are not enjoying the process, then this form of creativity most likely isn't for you, so continue to search.
Maybe you will find creativity through cooking. I will share a secret...
I so want to learn how to make pretty cupcakes, pastries, truffles, etc. The thought of decorating the tops of these sweets with various icings, textures, and colors, really excites me! I just haven't followed through with this desire yet because I honestly don't have room in my life for another hobby! Notice, I did say, "yet". I believe that I will eventually get around to this!
Try your creativity in scrapbooking, preserving family memories, or another craft.
Possibly you will find pleasure through decorating your home or gardening. (Keep in mind, it's all about PLEASURE).
Another passion of mine is Photography. It's like playing a game with myself, even when I just go out to run icky errands, I always have a camera in my bag...
and the "scavenger hunt" begins. I kid you not, I do convert all of my outings into a scavenger hunt. I am seeking out interesting people, places, objects, colors, groupings, or themed items.
Last night, I used my camera creativity in Annapolis!

I love the boats, especially when the owners of the boats use THEIR creative spirit and decorate them! I couldn't wait to capture a shot of this Love boat!

It wasn't the boat that caught my eye here. It was actually the yellow bike...
on top of a yellow boat. All of the colors together made up an interesting picture to me.

Because this is still the month of love, I couldn't resist taking a picture of this couple, sitting...
sharing tranquility, by the water. In a sense, they too, were using their creativity. They had found something to do to share time together. They are not texting, watching television or spending alot of money (that I can see). They are simply soaking up nature, together!
Keep searching.
You will find yours!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Greeting Cards!

Greetings to all!
At last I actually do have some greeting cards available for purchase in my etsy shop!
These 5"x7" Boutique shapes were professionally printed from my original, "JOLIE". I love the ornate design!

They sell in sets of 3, with envelopes, of course. Then, sealed in a plastic protective bag. Oh, and I must point out the ivory fluff! I have wrapped each package with a pretty netting. Oooooh la la! I'm pleased!
My mind also races with ideas!
These would make neat gifts, bridal shower or wedding party favors!
Ok, on to other news.
I'm thrilled to see the sun out this week and we are having fantastic, Spring like weather here in Maryland!
I've been busy preparing for my family's visit (in March)! So many fun events ahead!
I could go on and on but I must confess...
I'm ready to get outdoors for awhile!
Oh happy day to you!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day...

I woke up this morning with a cold.
Why would that come as a surprise to me? No matter how hard I wished it away...
It was indeed, Valentine's Day.
For those of you who know me, know the story. Valentine's Day has never been a day of celebration or even romance for me. Instead, it's been a day of chaos, strange happenings, illness, and even some rather funny happenings through the years. I can, and do laugh about it now. It's really just another day to me anyway, and it IS going to arrive whether I want it to or not, every 14th of February!
I read about Valentine's events in our local newspaper (above). I did really like the front cover! Ok, so I CAN find some positive things out of this day of love.  
I have also seen some very cute Valentine decorations in different shops.
I received some very sweet cards from family and friends~ much appreciated!
I will say that THIS Valentine's Day turned out to be one of the best!

It looks as if I'm going to see "Plain White T's" in concert this Friday night!
My cold isn't too bad either and I have ended this Valentine's night with a box of chocolates and some art! YES...
I ate a BOX of chocolates!

Happy Love Day to all!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I think that I'm getting better at this "balancing" thing!
I'm making time for my responsibilities, housework, cooking, personal, others...and my art. It feels great!
I just completed this piece of art, in which I titled, "Balance".
She may be purchased in prints only, measuring 8"x 8" and 12"x 12". Just send me a message if interested!
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Handpainted Clutch & such...

Oh, how I love creating one-of-a-kind pieces!
This is a canvas clutch that I have handpainted one of my girls onto.
My mind just races with ideas...
what a fun gift this would be, either alone, or filled with note cards or teas! I personally, would use it to store paintbrushes or my gel pens in!

Her pretty, pink hat, ooooo la la!
The bird of free-spirit perched on her brim!

I've also hancrafted a polymer clay rose with glass beads, mounted onto a magnetic closure!
This little bag is up for grabs in my etsy shop today~ http://www.etsy.com/shop/lalavagabond

I am finally feeling like my old, creative self again!
I am feeling quite settled since my big move in September.
I am laughing and living!
I am also anxiously awaiting MARCH because I have so much to look forward to!
My entire family will be coming to visit for approx. 5 days! Yippppeeeee! I miss them so much!
Then, Laura will be coming in April so I will be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting out the last part of March (and cleaning,organizing & regrouping)!
I'm just so happy I could burst!
I might also add that art sales are keeping me hopping, (A dream come true), and yesterday I no more than uploaded the picture of "Emily" (shown below in yesterday's post), and she sold! Thank You Gina T and daughter, Emily! She shared a wonderfully sweet story with me that really brightened my day, touched my heart. I will be shipping the original piece out to her today. So much appreciated!
Oh, and did I mention that the sun is out again today...and it's FRIDAY?!!!!
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!
Now, back to some art for me.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Everyone needs security...
even if found with a soft, warm companion that sits on our bed, waiting patiently.
Meet "Emily" and her bunny.
I just finished with this pencil piece on 5"x7" Stonehenge art paper.
I was thinking about Spring while working very early hours this morning! It was still dark outside. I love early mornings when the rest of the world is still sleeping (so I believe).
Off to run errands soon.
Hey! The sun is shining!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daphne's Story...

I'm sure that "Daphne" has a story to tell. I believe that all of us do. As I create these women, I think about their story...
who are they?
Where are they from?
What did they do?
That's all part of my creative process... BELIEVING that these people were in fact, real people with names.
I do not name them until they are nearly completed and then suddenly, I just come up with a name for the face! Where the name, "Daphne" came from, I'll never know, but she is a Daphne, and she is pictured above from the 1920's.
Fun, huh?
Possibly, she was a performer in a smoke-filled jazz club. She loved bold colors and flirting with the fellas, I BELIEVE.
Once again, a 5"x7" colored pencil piece, on Stonehenge art paper.
And that's my story for tonight. Now, I'm off to bed!
Sweet dreams to all!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fairies and Gnomes...

I hope that you all had a wonderful Superbowl weekend!
I sat in front of the tv, excited to see the new commercials to be aired...and picking a favorite! As I watched, I also worked on this piece of art. It measures 5"x7". I used colored pencils on Stonehenge paper, which is now my very favorite paper for all mediums! It's 100% cotton and I so love it!
This was such a relaxing piece to create.
Soft colors that really flowed together nicely...
and I adore GNOMES!
I have them in my gardens...
mine are real.
yip, they are.
(I BELIEVE this anyway)!
You can bet that I WILL be going to see the new movie, "Gnomeo & Juliet"!
It's in 3D!!!!!! The music in the movie is that of the one and only, fabulous, ELTON JOHN!
Oh, it will be a great night at the movies!
Until then, if you too, LOVE gnomes, keep watching because I LOVE painting and drawing these cuties!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


It's that simple!
You may now order quality prints from my original artwork, right here!
Just take a look at the catalog list located to the right of this web page. Each image shows the name of the print. Located at the bottom of all images you will find the "BUY NOW" button. Select the PRINT NAME and SIZE, then BUY NOW. You will be directed to the safe and secure Pay Pal checkout.
New prints added weekly!
Great for collecting and gift giving!
Thank you all!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Colored Pencils~ Jolie

Meet, "Jolie". She's my latest girl...colored pencils, layered and burnished. I'm falling in love with my colored pencils all over again! I was beginning to feel some guilt because they looked brand new, untouched. I enjoy all of my art supplies and it's always fun to jump from one medium to another!
No red today.
Yes, I did take more red and pink pictures throughout yesterday's adventures, but I just wanted to keep our focus on this tranquil aqua color. It is such a calming color. Probably my favorite color these days. It's also the color of my art studio so I think that I will have a print made of Jolie. I will put her in a white ornate frame, big & bold.
Wishing you all a perfect day!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Girl Pink

It's the second day of February Pink! It's a rather sweet color and I am very fond of it. I finished "Little Girl Pink" yesterday. It seemed odd for me to put a body onto my girl! I'm not sure about this piece. Maybe I should ask YOU...
Which do you like best?
My full face girls or a full figure girl?
Oh, by the way, I should add that I do paint/ draw boys once in awhile, however, I do have a passion for the frills and lace. It's fun for me to also be a wardrobe designer for my little painted people!

No, I did not buy these while grocery shopping Sunday night.
I ended up buying chocolate frozen yogurt with a caramel sauce to pour over the top of it!
I am really struggling with diet these days. My lifestyle is so much different than before. I'm no longer chasing after children and getting them to the next class! My muscles have turned to mush and it's just too cold to be outdoors!
Oh, hurry up, Spring!
Until then...
I will enjoy the sweet things Winter offerings!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Here we go again. It's the "LOVE" month, and, if you have followed my former blog, "In A Shabby Kind Of Way", through the years, you know by now that this has been my least favorite "holiday"! I will try to change this. I'm already making efforts!
I picked up a box of beautiful, Victorian Valentine cards from Barnes & Noble. They are so petite and loaded with charm! I will send them out to my family back in Kansas and then display the remainder of them in my pretty art studio!
I also created this piece of art in celebration of Valentine's Day. You may purchase most any size print from me...or, the original! Just drop me a message through Blogger.
I am also playing a Valentine game with myself, but YOU too, may play along if you'd like! I carry at least one camera in my bag, everywhere I go...even if it's just to the grocery store. I have done this for several years and it does help keep my life creative. I see inspiration everywhere! Throughout the month of February, I'm seeking out Valentine items, or simply RED & PINK things to snap! I'll be sharing some of my finds right here on my blog.
Here is my first collection...

Flowers, of course!

Red Flowers.
Pink Flowers.
All are so lovely!

And who wouldn't want to cuddle up with this sweet kitty?

Roses everywhere, along with satin and lace.
Hello, February!
I shall embrace!