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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wedding Preparations of a 47 Year Old Bride... Sigh.

Hello out there! How has your weekend been?

Mine, quite wonderful, yet productive.

It's been all about wedding and honeymoon preparations for me! Shopping all day Saturday...

Just me, all alone. It was nice. I can think while shopping, which also means better decision making on purchases! I do, however, wish that my mother could have joined me. Moments such as these, I do miss my home town and being closer to family. I am really looking forward to seeing them in just 6 days!

It's not easy being a 47 year old bride. I'm older, I have wrinkles popping up all over my face and nothing seems to help make me "a beautiful bride". Going through menopause is a very real issue for some women. For me, it's been difficult. I rarely sleep through an entire night, my hot flashes and night sweat are horrendous. My skin changed rapidly and I am one who has spent my entire adult life taking extreme care of my skin. The face just drops!

So, I may not be a sexy bride, but I'm grateful to be a healthy one...

Who will be wearing some pretty things very soon!

It's fun, no matter what age we are, to play dress up!


I adore my vintage style hair piece!

My dress is the same, champagne color. Lots of lace!

This chunky pendant may be worn...

But I still pondering such decisions. I may choose no jewelry at all. With age...

I like jewelry less. Isn't it interesting just how much we do change through the years? Our priorities, really change for sure.

I haven't much else to write about at this time because I am placing our wedding and family above everything else this week. I have appointments along with 4 more work days...

Oh, and the cleaning and packing!

Until next time,



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