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Meet The Artist
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seaside Dreamin'...

Hello, out there!

Are you loving Your Summer?

I certainly am, but I must confess...

I don't feel like it's Summer yet. Because I am a school employee,and have been for years now, I am used to having Summers off. With this little Summer school job, I am still answering to an alarm clock way early in the morning and when I arrive back home, I'm tired. (Getting older)! It's a challenge to spark creativity, but I push myself. I also should be enjoying these few weeks before our wedding, and focusing on wedding & honeymoon details...

But I'm burned out and exhausted.

I am so looking forward to our special day and spending time with family....

And I can't wait to walk barefoot on hot sand and relax to the sound of splashing waves, with my sweetheart!

I wish the time would arrive already (and Summer school would be completed), so that I could truly be on Summer vacation!!! I have so much to look forward to! I'm so blessed...

But just like my students, I want it all NOW! (She sticks out her bottom lip and pouts).


The hissy fit is over! (Or shall I call it, "the Missy fit")? It has a nice ring to it, ey?

Journal, journal, journal!

My personal sounding board and dear friend.


I will dream that the day has come and that Paul and I are gathering beautiful seashells along the shoreline!


Oh, I would just flip if I found a sand dollar or a really unique shell for our collection!

For this journal page I started out with the Gelato sticks (background), wet. I really should have added more layers for a more vibrant color, but I wanted to sketch and paint the seashells NOW! I am really on my last nerve! Lol.


I painted most of the shells with Twinkling H2o's. The photos do not show the shimmer. These watercolors are so much fun and perfect for those paintings that need some sparkle, such as shells! Just look at all of the choices for pearalized effect? Lovely.

I adore all things ocean/ beachy.


This is our garden tub in the master bathroom. I told you about the shells that my dad picked up...

I kept them.

Put some in this vase, with a lucky bamboo plant!

These plants are great. Just keep water in the vase. That's it. About once a month I freshen up the water!


I like to look at pretty things while soaking in a bubble bath! It's also nice to think of my dad, walking in the sand, picking up each and every one of these shells.


Yes, I do love the ocean. The sandy beaches.


And HIM!

Until next time,



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