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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Miss Photographer...


How is your weekend going?

I am having super fun and as always, wishing that tomorrow weren't Monday!

Yesterday morning, my sweetheart and I were outside, casually sitting on our patio. Me- fresh out of the shower, with wet hair. I was working on a small painting. He says to me, "Why don't we go spend the day in Weston"?

I said to him with a squeal in my voice, "Really"?!!!!!

(We rarely plan for our adventures).

Oh, how I adore Weston, Missouri and love playing , "Miss Photographer" in this quaint, historic town!

Ironically, I was painting her:


So, I dash into the house and dry my hair. Grab a few necessities for a day trip, and out the door we went!

The photos shown on this post were shot with my iPhone 4S. (I haven't yet processed the pics from my Sony Nex 5r).

We arrived in Weston at about 11:30 am, which is lunch time for Paul... Or he will have a slight meltdown. Yes, for real.

We chose to dine at a very old brewery/pub.

Although we dined outside, under a large umbrella, I took this opportunity to explore and take some pictures!



This place is so unique! We got there just in time...

People began pouring in. I see why. The food was so delightful! I had a salad with a grilled salmon steak on top of a bed of spinach leaves. The dressing was a sweet vinegarette.

After lunch, we began walking the downtown business district, which consists of beautiful boutiques, home decor, pottery shops, jewelry stores, and several antique shops.


Miniature gardens galore!

Hmmmm. Shall I create a miniature garden for our home? The tiny furniture is so cute! I once had a big dollhouse with all of the detailed trimmings...

But that was long ago.

We walked and walked.


Once back home, we had just enough time to freshen up before going to a cookout.

Tired bodies.


I completed my painting just before bed.


Miss Photographer.

Happy Father's Day to all of the daddy's out there!

I'm so excited to soon spend some time with my dad!!!!!

Until next time,



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