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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dear to My Heart...

Even with Fridays off from work...

The weekends are just too short!

We play hard around here. We also rest and gaze at our blooms in our gardens. Pick not only pretty flowers to put into vases, but also fresh herbs and vegetables for delightful dishes!

There's almost always time for painting on the weekends.

Painting and dreaming...



If mermaids are real.


I also went down to the basement this morning.

Now that I have found home, I will be going through all of my boxed belongings. Weeding out some things, finding a place for other things. It's kinda like Christmas! I open each box, not really knowing just what treasures (or trash) will be found!

For sure...

When I peeked inside of this box and saw a glimpse of these jewels...

I knew that I had found true treasures!!!


I have oodles and oodles of them.

These seashells were gathered with my daddy's own hands, on the beaches in Maryland when I was living there. My entire family came to visit their homesick girl.

Instead of trying to get the shells back to Kansas via plane, my dad left them for me. I'm a sentimental keeper of all things that document life and loved ones, family.

I now have places for all of these very special shells.

Some are in a vase in our master bathroom, on the ledge of the garden tub.

Some are now in our rock gardens. I have more ideas and uses for the shells!


I hold these things close to my heart.



My sweetheart took over the kitchen today!

He made fresh salsa, using our garden veggies. Oh my. So good!

Later on, after lazy day naps...

He grilled some chicken, made potato salad. He cut our broccoli so that I could put itin the steamer.

It was a perfect Summertime meal!

Do you have one of those steamers?

I love ours!

I have also steamed fish and vegetables, all at the same time! A healthy meal in minutes.


And that's been my day.

A glorious day!


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