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Saturday, June 1, 2013

How to Draw a Cup of Tea...

Wanna draw a cup of tea with me?

It's really quite simple!

All you need is a piece of paper ( I chose watercolor paper), a pencil with eraser, a black Micron pen, a paintbrush, and watercolors.


1. Draw an oval. If you want to look down into a cup, your oval will be wider. If looking up at your cup, a thinner oval. I'm going to keep this tutorial very basic, providing you with just a general idea. We will discuss more on perspective another day!


2. Now draw the sides of your cup.


3. Add the bottom, keeping your line somewhat curved.


4. Draw the handle. I always think of the human ear when drawing handles!


5. Draw the inner handle line, eyeballing the width. You don't want a cup or mug handle that is so thick, one could not slip fingers through it to hold!


6. Now add your "coffee" or "tea" line. Leave room for cream!

7. If you want to, you may pencil in very soft markings where you plan to leave white. Some artists prefer to use masking fluid. I have tried several brands and types... It just doesn't serve me well and bottles end up in the trash can because they dried up.

Ok. Now you have a mug (or tea cup) drawing. You could begin painting it now.


Why not shake things up a bit and transform this chunky mug into an elegant teacup with curves?


8. Just erase and repeat the steps, only this time, YOU be the designer and create your own teacup. Add a base and a thinner handle with some swirls!


9. Let's add some color... Or shall I say, tea!

I'm using an aqua brush. They hold and release water as you paint, keeping your paper damp and watercolors flowing evenly. These brushes come in various sizes. If you often paint on the go, you may want to buy one... Or two... Or all sizes! You will discover that each size is very useful!


Oooooohhhhh!!!! How about a bright pink teacup?

I'm also using my portable Koi watercolor set, perfect for patio painting! Can you guess where I am sitting?!!!

By layering watercolor applications you can create darker areas and shadows.


10. These next steps are totally optional and you may tune me out at any time and choose your own path! Good for you!!!!

I am going to use my Micron pen to outline my teacup. I don't always like dark lines so I only use it when I want a more illustrated look, not a realistic look. I mainly use my Microns in my art journal. These pens will not bleed when used with wet mediums. Love, love, love my Micron pens- all tip sizes!

11. I want to create a pattern on my teacup. I simply dip my brush into a dark color of paint ( one that I think will look nice with bright pink)...

Then by using the side of the brush, I randomly push down, making petal-like marks on the teacup.

12. Once the lowers have dried, I outline them with the Micron pen.


Doodle until your heart is content!

13. Go make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!

Blessings! XO


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