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Meet The Artist
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Love!


Up at 5:00 am this morning, excited to greet the day! NO Summer school on Fridays... Hip, hip, hooray!

I savored the morning java, even had some time with Paul before he headed out to work! I baked a batch of cookies...


And once out of the oven and slightly cool, I arranged them onto a plate and took a nice little stroll.

Down the long gravel driveway.

You see, my sweetheart is self employed and has his business, right here on the property. I rarely go down there because he is at work.

But! Today is Friday and Fridays are special around here!

Usually, he closes down shop early, around noon...

And we go play!

Today will be one of those days! We are also going to get our marriage license today!

He was hard at work when I popped in with the chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. He did stop for a teensie break...

And a big smile.

This makes me smile.

I did start on a journal entry today (top photo)...

Do you see the ugly bandaid on my toe?

Well, I stepped on a mechanical lead pencil that was sitting upright in my supplies box! Of all things! The lead is quite thin and apparently sharp enough to go into skin!


Oh, how I do love Fridays in the Summer!

I now must go and enjoy the afternoon with him!!!!

Happy Friday to you!


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