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Sunday, June 2, 2013

The More Owls... The Merrier!

Ever have one of those days? You know... A day when nothing really sounds fun and your body is simply sluggish. It's very frustrating. Today was one of those days for me. I did get out this morning to plant flowers in yet ANOTHER little garden, in the front of the house. I rushed through the process because it was a bit chilly outside. Back into the house I went!

I got commission art pieces packaged properly and ready to ship tomorrow!

I completed this one early, early this morning...


It's for a baby's nursery. A baby shower gift. 9" x 12" watercolor, ink, and pan pastels. I enjoy doing name art! For me, it feels like doodling. A no-brainer!

Owls seem to be the rage!

I painted many owls last Summer! Bright, cheery owls! Oh, what fun!

The commission piece inspired me to do more owl art. Because I am experimenting...

Here is only a sneak peek...


I have always been captivated by 3-D art, and have made, but this is a little different.

Summer school (with the students), begins tomorrow and then an afternoon of running errands. Argh!

At times, I do regret saying, "yes" to working Summer school. It's now June. Wedding month and I have much yet to do for our special day! I'm feeling overwhelmed, yet excited! Our immediate families will come and we will all sleep over at the beautiful Circle S Ranch Bed & Breakfast Inn. Once we check out, we will all come to our home for a BBQ!

Paul and I love to cook and entertain so we are also planning a special menu! Any suggestions? Side dishes that can be prepared in advance and refrigerated. Pretty, unique? Comments welcome!

We should have plenty of flowers!


I am cutting roses from our rose bushes!


Until next time...


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