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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Sunday, August 11, 2013



We have just returned home from our overnight getaway with my family! It's always so nice to spend time with them.

Once I unpacked, re-organized, regrouped...

I brewed a pot of coffee and settled into my art room as if I had never left. I'm still adding layers of acrylic paint to the first mini paintings of my "Wonderland" series!

Would you like a sneak peek?

I have wanted to do this series for quite some time now, and yes... They will be for sale!

I thought that these mini canvases would be a perfect way to start.

How cute these would be in a child's room or in an art room! Or...

Hanging in a covered patio or sun room...

surrounded by some colorful flowers, plants, and mushrooms!!!

An office space!

A laundry room!!!!

I just love all things Alice and her magical wonderland, don't you?

I'm having a ball painting these!

Well, my beautiful niece is now in her new wonderland with many new adventures awaiting her. She will start college very soon, sharing her first little house with roommates.

I wish her great success!

She gave us a tour of her new city ( and of course we stopped for lattes at her favorite coffee house).

She's growing up and spreading her wings.

Life and wonderlands.

I pray that hers is fabulous!

Blessings to you all...



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