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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Cheers...

Hello and a happy Sunday to you!

It's been a most relaxing day here. My husband cooked brunch... Super delicious breakfast burritos, which we ate outside on our patio table. After brunch I decided to burrow back in bed for a while longer! Oh, so very nice. As I lay in bed, I tend to think. I reflected on this best Summer ever! Many memories made, and as I return back to work tomorrow I get excited thinking of the Fall events and new memories to come! Summer vacation has ended...

But I do also love the ever changing seasons!

So! I say "cheers" to a brand new school year... Minus the wine.

Aren't these just fun and silly?


Another project that Lori and I shared together during her visit. I'm not pleased with the faces, but possibly one day, I will try again. Glass painting is quite challenging.

Should you try your hand at it...

Allow yourself plenty of time. Hours and hours of painting, but is much fun with a friend and conversation.

Later this afternoon...

After some tv viewing and a big bowl of popcorn...

I returned to the itty bitty "Wonderland" series.

These two are completed now... Oops! I just need to sign them!

Cheshire Cat & The Queen of Hearts.

I am ready to move on to new projects! I've prepped 12 canvases today. Ready for evening painting. Although when I work, I don't always feel like creating...

But when I do, I now have the canvases organized and primed. No waiting for gesso to dry. (Putting time management into practice)!

This box of goodies arrived in the mail last week.


I've played with them just a little. I do have some ideas!!!!

Have you used these inks? Please, tell me more!!!!

Off now to savor some time with my sweetheart and have a cup of tea.

Until next time,




  1. Missy, I love your Cheshire Cat painting... too cute! :-) ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Carmen!!! I really enjoyed painting the cat! Looking forward to doing all characters! Xo