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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

White rabbit on my work table...

Hello, friends!

Are you as excited as I am, that tomorrow is Friday?

I have completed my first full work week (with students). I must say that it's been quite enjoyable getting to know each and every one of them! When one spends nine months with kids, Monday through Friday, 7:45 am until 3:00 pm...

A very special bond develops. Although it's not always easy, and every day is different with so many unique personalities...

We do laugh often and try to make learning fun!

We have a great group of students this year!

Just as them, our schedules change with each school year so it takes us adults awhile also, to adjust and to know which classrooms to go to once the bell rings.

Dash, dash, dash.

All day long. (Good exercise)!

Still, I come home...

Brew the coffee.

Pour a cup.

And paint...

Or not!

Some nights I prefer to tidy up our house and just sit! (With coffee, of course).

Other nights I may read, as I did last night while eating a yummy bowl of vanilla Greek yogurt.

Tonight I resumed my mini "Wonderland" series. Those itty bitty canvases and acrylic paints.


Mr. White rabbit has been the most challenging character so far. Strange, but true.

Layers and layers...

And more to come. It's okay. I paint to relaxe and to clear my mind.

My sweetheart and I will be traveling this holiday weekend. I look forward to that and playing "miss photographer" for a couple of days, in a different state and new cities to explore!

How about you?

Any plans for the Labor Day weekend?

Whatever you do, enjoy and be safe!

Until next time...



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