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Meet The Artist
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ah, Summer Salad!

Hello, dear readers!

I do hope that you are having the best weekend!

I kicked off the weekend by preparing my favorite salad last night...

(And enjoyed it while watching a scary movie with my sweetheart, on tv).

I was craving fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and cilantro, from our garden.

So, out I went...

With my country basket in hand.

Oh! I picked a honeydew melon as well!


We have cucumbers and tomatoes galore. I do wish that I could share them with you.

The corn isn't quite ready yet...

But oh, how we love sweet corn on the cob. Soon, I think. Soon.

So, my favorite salad deserved a place in my art journal.

I did not go into great detail with the recipe because I like to mix it up at times. Sometimes I add black olives, sometimes green olives... Even Greek olives.

If I don't have fruit handy, I substitute the apple slices with dried cranberries...

Or not.

I always keep Feta cheese in the fridge!

I make this salad at least three times a week during the Summer months.

Today we went shopping and I found some wonderful, tiny canvases to paint on! I bought several of them and plan to dive into some art soon! I want to stock my etsy shop, truly, I do. I just find it difficult when working a full time job, leaving me very little free time to keep my shop filled with newly listed items. I thought that I could make it happen this Summer...

But with the wedding and the travels, it just did not happen.

I have decided to keep plugging away with my creations, as time permits. Once I feel that I have enough offerings to make my etsy shop appealing to others, I will stock!!!

In the meantime,

If you do see something that you wish to purchase, please, talk to me via comment or email! Most everything that I create, is indeed, for sale (with the exception of my art journal entries, of course)!

I am a perfectionist and am just waiting for the right time to fill my shop with sooooooo many treasures.... Page after page of viewing and shopping!

A big thank you to those who have purchased from me...

Just by asking! I appreciate your support. My greatest passion is creating, and sharing with others!

Now, I think it is time for another salad! How about you?




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