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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Mushroom Mystery...


I haven't much news today, my apologies.

It was a pretty relaxed day. A trip to the grocery store. An afternoon nap. A tiny mushroom painting.

Nothing really blog worthy...

But I wanted to be the first to wish you a wonderful August!!!!!

Now, back to the mushroom.

I painted the red mushroom using Gouache paints. Have you ever tried Gouache?

I like!

They are more opaque than watercolors, yet you use them with water. The colors are bright, rich. I really enjoy them with my watercolors. Please, tell me what you know about Gouache! I want to play with them more!



You either love them or hate them.

I've always loved mushrooms until I moved to Eastern Kansas and tried a Morel mushroom.

The folks around here hunt for them in wooded, wet areas...

After a good rain.

If they find Morels...

They feel as if they just struck oil!

Seriously, it's a big thing around here and you can even sell your Morel mushrooms for a very nice sum of cash!

My husband found a few when I first moved here.

He dipped them into an egg batter and fried them.

Politely, I tried my first Morel mushroom...

And nicely said to him, "you can have them all, love. They are not what I expected".

(I couldn't help wondering just what the big hype was)????

I have googled Morel mushrooms and read all about them. Many chefs prefer using the Morels in their dishes.

I had never even heard of them until moving here.


Hubby found his Morels behind our house...

Deep in the woods, by a creek.

Me- I only found a black snake and vowed never to go into the woods again! Ever!

Although I love living out in the country, by a pond...

I rarely go where tall grass grows due to my fear of snakes!

I go only with the husband or the dogs.

We strolled down to the pond last night to hunt something else...

A critter!

We saw it...

Swimming in the water, but never did see it again.

I allow my imagination to run with this.

Was it the Loch Ness Monster?

(A fun game that I play... Out here in the boonies)!

Possibly it was a visitor from another planet.???

It seemed very large.

So, now we wait. We watch...

In hopes for its return.

Happy August, friends!!!!!



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