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Meet The Artist
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer stuff... and Fluff!

Hello to you!

The weekend has just arrived and this girl is too exhausted to stay up much longer! It's all good. You see, during Summer vacation...

every day is like a weekend. No alarm clock. No sense of time. Good company comes to visit. Art takes place consistently throughout the Summer.

Patio painting, under patio lights after dark.

The buzzing sound of locusts in the trees.

My dear friend, Lori, made another trip to share some time before I return back to the working world on Monday.

I painted the girl on canvas as we talked for hours.

Music from the seventies in the background.


Lovely art messes!

Always a full pot of coffee in the kitchen.

On Thursday she and I went into the city and browsed some unique shops, sampled some Indian appetizers, sweet desserts, and yes...

Delightful coffee!

Once again, saying goodbye this morning was sad...

But then at lunch time, my sweetheart arrived home and announced that he had taken the remainder of today off from work! He was ready to get out and play! It's so wonderful to be married to someone whom you love to hang out with!

Someone who also shares my passion for java!

(Someone who also wears reading glasses to see the menu)! He would not be pleased about this photo being on the Internet, but in my eyes...

He's darling! He eats whipped topping with a spoon before sipping. Cuteness.

He lifts my spirits...

and patiently waits as I explore beautiful boutiques.

He smiles when I blurt out, "Omg, these boots are to die for"!

Aren't they fabulous?

I then wait on him to fulfill his big moment.

He finally convinced one of the shop owners to allow him to peek into the eery underground city (off limits these days). A city of tunnels with much history- Leavenworth, Kansas. Rumor has it that the tunnels were used back in the terrible days of slavery. We shall research. That's what we do...

Us history buffs who enjoy seeking out such places.

Now, back home after our day trip.

Both tired and ready to savor some rest.

Then java again in the morning!

Happy weekend to you!



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