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Meet The Artist
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Create Your Own Wonderland...

Aaaaahhh, Friday!

My first week back to work, completed.

Pure bliss, it is...

To now be sitting outside on our patio, hearing only the birds and the locusts. In my shorts and a tank top...

Exhausted, but quite content.

It certainly was a terribly stressful week with new students, new schedules, new challenges, and much chaos...

But overall, I really do enjoy my life.

At the end of each crazy work day, I remind myself that it's entirely up to me to create my own "Wonderland" kind of life.

For me, it is essential to remain creative, even through the not so pleasant times. Not always easy to do when the mind is cluttered with work thoughts and the eyes are drooping.

A few of the days this week, I forced myself into my art room.

To this journal.

My play journal.

With a cup of coffee very close by and a paintbrush in hand...


Admiring pretty paint colors.

I soon felt my mind and body de-stressing.

I allowed myself to drift.

To a far away land.


A place where anything is possible (because I am the creator).

A place where polka-dotted mushrooms grow.

After painting for about an hour each evening, I found that I was able to feel a sense of accomplishment by bedtime. I had made time for my greatest passion and I was able to sleep more soundly.

It's up to us to keep our lives wonderful, through the good times and bad times, right?

Not everyone loves art as I do...

But we all cherish something.

Even the simple things fill our hearts with joy, we just need to discover these things and work them into our daily lives.


I noticed that our flower gardens have really bloomed into a palette of lovely colors recently!

We planted and nurtured each one.


Yes, each flower will soon disappear once Fall sets in...

But in my Wonderland, I replace blooms with pumpkins. I welcome the new color palette of orange, brown, gold, and red.

I will pamper myself with new hot cocoa flavors.

I will spend many evenings buried beneath a fluffy comforter and a good book.

These are just a few ways in which I keep my life a Wonderland!

How about you?

Please, share!

Wishing you all of fabulous weekend!



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