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Meet The Artist
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Sweet Itty Bitty...

Hello and happy Friday!!!

There's just something joyful about Fridays.

Around here, we wake up excited on a Friday morning. My sweetheart greets my morning face by blurting out, "it's Friday, baby"!

We know that this day of the week is the start of some serious play, rest, road trips, and eating sweet desserts!

What girl doesn't adore a pretty dessert adorned with sugary fluff?

I also love to paint desserts.

I finished another itty bitty canvas last night.

I'm working with acrylics, which I must confess...

Is difficult for me.

Watercolors are my thing!

Yet, I try.

I never limit my boundaries in art. I explore all mediums.

I enjoy every minute.

Just as I enjoyed tasting each one of these sweet treats.

Yes, when we go to a buffet, we sample as many desserts possible.

I take a few bites...

He takes a few bites.

We trade desserts back and forth.

Aren't they lovely?

(I do not allow any bites until after I have photographed each dessert)!

I must go pack my overnight bag now.

We are going to meet my family...

And get my sweet niece settled into her new college home.

Oh my, where have the years gone?

We will laugh and dine...

And eat desserts!

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


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