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Meet The Artist
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Magical Day...

June 29, 2013.

It was all that I imagined...

And then some.


Way out in the country, at that magical place that we had stumbled upon, by accident...

Over a year ago.

I knew when I saw the Circle S Ranch for the very first time, that if Paul and I were to ever marry...

It would be here. He now says that he also knew this.

I have always loved the wholesome television series, "Little House on the Prairie". (Michael Landon even more beautiful than the prairie)!

Once Paul proposed, I also knew that I wanted a true, prairie wedding! It is who we are in a sense. We live in Kansas, on a lovely piece of land with gardens, a pond, and two big dogs. Just us...

And nature.


It was a simple ceremony.
At 2:00 pm we became husband and wife, with our immediate family by our side.
After we said our "I do's" and posed for some pictures...

We enjoyed the remainder of the day fishing, visiting, exploring, walking, laughing.


We were so blessed to have them all here with us!

Dinner was served at 6:00 pm and later a Bon fire with S'mores!

I don't yet have many pictures. Our siblings were there, along with my niece and nephew. Pure joy, it was!

Rooms reserved for all, right there, on this magical prairie. I wanted to stay up the entire night, but I was both mentally and physically drained! It had been such a busy week, and sleepless nights due to the excitement!!!

On Sunday morning, we were served breakfast. I woke up a happily married woman to one very amazing man. God has given me some wonderful gifts these past 2 years.

A journey to nowhere (my vagabond, wondering aimlessly), has ended. I am HOME now. I am safe.


Traveling remains, only now I travel and explore with a partner!

In fact, we have just returned from a week long honeymoon!

I will share once we are a bit more settled!

Dreams do come true!





  1. This looks like the best wedding I've ever seen! Just beautiful and peaceful and happy. Congratulations! :-)

  2. So happy for you and Paul! You've had a long journey to get to this happy heart and no one deserves it more than you! Blessings for long love from Charlie and I! xoxo